Some Celtics fans wondered why the team failed to make …

Some Celtics fans wondered why the team failed to make a move for Serge Ibaka before the Toronto Raptors acquired him. But in addition to the fact that he wouldn’t have provided a huge upgrade over anyone in the rotation, Ibaka is set for free agency at the end of this season. “It’s hard to give up two good young assets like Toronto did,” Ainge said, “unless they really have an interest in re-signing him and making him a part of their core group going forward.”
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February 23, 2017 | 4:30 am EST Update
Agent Wallace Prather does not anticipate his client Derrick Favors being traded before the deadline, based on Prathers’ knowledge of the offers the Jazz have received. However, Prathers said he realizes that could change as the deadline approaches. Favors, 25, has had his production slip this season as he has dealt with a knee injury but remains a key piece for a Utah team preparing for a playoff berth.
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Storyline: Derrick Favors Trade?
Yao Ming has moved into management in a bid to hasten China’s basketball development. The Chinese Basketball Association voted unanimously Thursday to appoint the former Houston Rockets star its president in a step toward reform for an organization that has in the past been led by government bureaucrats. The CBA’s social media account quoted the Hall of Famer as saying he hoped to make improvements to the domestic league’s draft system and push more Chinese players into the international arena.
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