What has Coach Brooks brought to the team – on and of…

What has Coach Brooks brought to the team – on and off the court – and how have you adjusted to him? John Wall: He’s brought a lot of confidence. He makes sure that everyone is confident and believes that we can compete against anybody. We all work really hard to improve and he has helped us with that too. He wants us to move the ball, take open shots and play aggressive on both ends of the floor. If you do that, everything will work out for you.
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February 24, 2018 | 12:47 pm EST Update
LA Clippers owner Steve Ballmer on Saturday said that trading Blake Griffin was “a very difficult decision,” but that considerations about the future, as well as injury and chemistry concerns, necessitated the blockbuster deal with the Detroit Pistons. “[Griffin] is obviously a superstar player,” said Ballmer. “But if you look at what happened injury-wise, if you look at the kind of chemistry we were getting on our team, the thing you can see at the high level with the numbers when I started — one guy got all the assists, one guy got all the points and one guy got all the rebounds. It’s not all quite that way, but I think in the modern NBA, we were seeing it more and more — there’s a greater distribution of responsibility.”
4 hours ago via ESPN