In a podcast with Warriors Sports Radio, Green explaine…

In a podcast with Warriors Sports Radio, Green explained his thoughts about the matter as detailed below — starting with his size. Number one, looking at Steph, he’s not supposed to be what he does. So that right there alone, it pisses people off. Also, he’s way more than what everyone expected him to be or gave him a shot to be. I think most people looked at him ‘oh man, this is a “privileged” kid’ growing up. Like how did he become this? He ain’t supposed to become this. This supposed to be the kid from the hood that never had nothing and had to grind for everything. But when you look at Steph’s life, like they had money, but he wasn’t treated like they had money … they didn’t raise him like he was a privileged kid.
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July 27, 2017 | 10:59 pm EDT Update
LeBron, who is frequently spotted at his son’s games, was in attendance at the Adidas Uprising event in Las Vegas on Thursday. That’s when he noticed the score was wrong. During a timeout, LeBron walked on the court and approached the scorer’s table, pointing out that the score was wrong. He just had to make sure they got it right. They listened.

He’s a self-taught pianist who has performed in many packed concert venues, which brings about a different form of pressure. And he’s now a licensed pilot on the brink of achieving his instrument rating. Carlisle understands the pressure in aviation literally can come with life-and-death consequences. Asked what he thought about his coach being a part-time pilot, Mavs owner Mark Cuban replied, “I hope he’s a good one.”
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There were practical reasons for Carlisle to pursue his pilot’s license and buy a plane, such as the desire to visit his parents more often. They live in Ogdensburg, New York, near the Canadian border, a trip that requires two flights and a two-hour drive if traveling commercially — an all-day ordeal. In his plane, Carlisle can make a direct flight and a five-minute drive to his folks’ farm. Carlisle used to typically make only one trip per year to visit his parents. He visited them four times this offseason.
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July 27, 2017 | 9:27 pm EDT Update