During pre-game activities of Game 4, the Atlanta Hawks…

During pre-game activities of Game 4, the Atlanta Hawks will make a donation of musical instruments to the Atlanta Music Project’s newly-formed percussion program. Founded in 2010, the Atlanta Music Project provides intensive, tuition-free, music education to underserved youth right in their neighborhood and is launching a new percussion-focused program. AMP provides all students with an instrument, a teaching artist, classes and unique performance opportunities.
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September 19, 2017 | 5:02 am EDT Update
By leaving Cleveland, do you think you have a better chance at winning a Championship? Kyrie: “When you think about the journey, and you also put things into perspective for what they really are, it’s a truthful environment. And I wasn’t getting that [in Cleveland]. And that’s where it really stands.” When you say it wasn’t a “truthful environment,” is that pointing to the coaching, the GM, ownership? Kyrie: “No. It’s pointing to the perspective that I know exactly what I want. And I want to be happy, and perfect my craft in doing so.”
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