Kevin Durant likes his drive to games at Oracle, especi…

Kevin Durant likes his drive to games at Oracle, especially after he makes his way down the hill. Across MacArthur Boulevard. Past the McDonald’s in the Eastmont Town Center. All the way down 73rd Avenue. That’s when the drive feels like home. The fast food chains. The flea market. The grime. The kids running around in the street. Most people see this as the rough part of town they want to speed through. Durant soaks it in. “It reminds me so much of Chocolate City, man,” Durant said, using a nickname for his hometown of Washington, D.C. “I be missing home a lot. So when I ride down through East Oakland to go to the game, I get my fix. I definitely feel like I’m riding around in my own neighborhood.”
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August 23, 2017 | 11:03 pm EDT Update
LeBron James has been silent about Isaiah Thomas joining the Cavs, but he had plenty say about his own game Wednesday evening. James, who is working out in Los Angeles twice a day with trainer Mike Mancias and Cavs coaches and player development staff, posted to Instagram footage of him scrimmaging in a famous auxiliary gym on the campus of UCLA.