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September 21, 2017 | 4:20 pm EDT Update
You’ve never experienced many seasons like last year, making the playoffs five times in your six years in the NBA prior to coming to Orlando. How long did it take you to get over struggling and missing the playoffs? COACH VOGEL: “I still haven’t gotten over it. I don’t want to do that again and I’m not going to do that again. We’ve got to have a better year this year. The whole summer has been spent on the upcoming season and getting ready for the job that we have in front of us. I’m excited about it.’’
COACH VOGEL: “It can be (a playoff team), but we’ve got a lot to do and we’ve got our work cut out for us. We’ve got to have a lot of improvement from within. That’s what a lot of this season is going to be about because that’s the way we’re set up as an organization right now. We won 29 games last year, so it can’t be small improvements if we expect to make the playoffs. We’ve got to have some dramatic improvements.’’
What areas specifically are looking for to see improvement from Gordon, Payton and Hezonja? COACH VOGEL: “They’re all different in terms of their individual growth, but they’ve got to show that they contribute to a winner – whatever that looks like. It might take shape in different forms on different nights, but that’s what they’ve got to do. The biggest jump those guys have to make is being able to consistently contribute to a winner.’’