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November 20, 2017 | 3:50 am EST Update
LeBron’s people don’t argue with the notion he may leave Cleveland, just not perhaps for a team near you with marketing point man Maverick Carter pooh-poohing the importance of “gigantic market(s) like Boston or Chicago or New York or L.A.” as opposed to winning titles. Not that the Lakers can’t revamp fast enough to field a contender with Bron, Paul George and their young players… but their last official with a time frame that optimistic was Jim Buss.
Storyline: LeBron James Free Agency
The Clippers and Kristaps Porzingis were linked briefly over the summer. A few weeks after Porzingis skipped his exit meeting, one of his social media accounts had a post proclaiming Clippers, showing three smiling emojis. What’s up with that? “I had no idea. I wish I had the answer. I was in Barcelona at that moment and one of my friends was like, ‘Yo, did you just tweet that?’” Porzingis said. “I was like, ‘It’s fake.’ Then, ‘Hold up, let me check on Twitter for sure. I checked Twitter and nothing was on Twitter because it was already deleted. Then I put in search, Porzingis, and that’s when everything showed up. I had no idea at all. I had both phones with me. Still until this day it’s a mystery what that was.”
The Cleveland Cavaliers assigned rookie big man Ante Zizic to their G League affiliate, the Canton Charge. Zizic, 20, came to the Cavaliers as part of the Kyrie Irving trade with Boston. Zizic was one of the best rebounders in the Euroleague last season. He’s played in just five games this season for the Cavaliers and it appears that Cleveland has settled on Channing Frye as their backup center for the time being.
Malone was infuriated when Mott didn’t call a foul on the Lakers for contact while Jokic battled underneath the basket. When the teams headed upcourt, Malone took two steps onto the hardwood and blocked Mott’s path. Jokic had barely joined the argument when Mott tossed him as well, prompting a profane response. Malone’s assistants had to calm him down.