The Hawks’ newly acquired forward admired from afar a…

The Hawks’ newly acquired forward admired from afar at a system that was ideally suited for his outside shooting game. Babbitt signed a one-year contract Wednesday to join a team he watched the past several years and believed he could thrive in the ball-movement scheme. “Providing spacing for attackers on offense is important in today’s game,” Babbitt said after inking a veteran minimum deal worth $1.9 million. “With young guys, guys like Dennis (Schroder), (Kent) Bazemore and (John) Collins, guys who are attacking the basket, you need shooters to give them space.”
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October 23, 2017 | 8:00 am EDT Update
Using a hard screen on the sideline set by Towns on Paul George to get free, Wiggins crossed midcourt and let fly on a running jumper as the buzzer sounding. As Paul Pierce once said, Wiggins didn’t call bank; he called game as the Wolves stunned the Thunder, 115-113. “Everyone was scrambling. Taj [Gibson] made a good pass, he was patient and found me, and KAT had a great screen to get me open,” Wiggins said. “And I let it go and it felt great.”
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This season, with eight new players added to the Cavs’ mix — including former All-Stars Isaiah Thomas, Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose — a weakness has become a strength. “It’s two games in, but me having the full confidence in my teammates, I think we got the best bench in the league,” shooting guard JR Smith told ESPN after Cleveland’s bench outscored the Milwaukee Bucks 45-23 in a 116-97 win on Friday. “I mean, you can go around from 6 through 12 or whatever and mark it up against anybody else’s bench, and by far, we got the best bench. And we have more experience too.”
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