While the announcement was something of a surprise, it …

While the announcement was something of a surprise, it was something Moore had been pondering for a while. Ultimately, it was his call to step away. Moore, who went undrafted out of Utah State, says he has been battling anxiety. However, he didn’t realize the severity of the issue until recently. During college, Moore pushed his feelings down, chalking them up to nervousness or regular stress.
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February 25, 2018 | 8:07 am EST Update

Players call out Zaza Pachulia

While battling for an rebound with Golden State’s Nick Young, Westbrook made contact with Young and fell to the floor. Pachulia, who was near the play but not particularly involved, crumpled to the floor after Westbrook was down and fell on the Thunder star’s legs. After the game, Westbrook challenged reporters who asked if he felt the fall was intentional. “Obviously it was intentional. Don’t ask me ‘was it intentional?’ Nobody touched him, he fell over my leg, tried to hurt me… but hey, that’s how it goes.”
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