These, Kerr explains, are aspects of the triangle offen…

2 months ago via ESPN
These, Kerr explains, are aspects of the triangle offense, which he played in during the Bulls’ 1990s heyday. But then Kerr pulls back, giving the noshes a breather. He notes that the Warriors would be foolish to run the triangle exclusively; it wouldn’t best use their dangerous gunners. No, Kerr says. They’ll run a hybrid. These ideas have, for weeks, been rattling around Kerr’s head. But he hasn’t yet begun to diagram plays, or the scheme itself. Until now. And so for 10 minutes, Ninkovich watches as Kerr lays the foundation for the most devastating offense the NBA has not yet seen — if only he could somehow turn the league’s worst passing team into its best.
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December 17, 2017 | 5:23 pm EST Update
The 2011 All-Star Game took place in Los Angeles. The night before, with the Nuggets’ permission, the Nets’ upper crust — owner Mikhail Prokhorov, Chairman of the Board, Dmitry Razumov, CEO Brett Yormark, part owner Jay-Z and GM Billy King — met with Melo and agent Leon Rose at Philippe Chow restaurant in Beverly Hills. “Carmelo liked everything we were pitching,” King said yesterday. “He understood, if the Knicks refused to give the Nuggets everything and everyone they wanted, he’d play one season in Newark before we moved to Brooklyn.”