But like most of Porzingis’ opponents these days, You…

But like most of Porzingis’ opponents these days, Young was absolutely torched on Sunday night by the new and improved 22-year-old. So what’s the difference? “Melo’s not there,” Young told the Daily News after his Pacers were upended by the Knicks, 108-101. “So he’s going to get the ball 10 or 15 more times per game. Anytime a guy sees the ball that much, the rim just gets bigger.”
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So when he learned Rose left the Cavaliers on Friday to re-evaluate his future in the NBA, James Johnson said his heart goes out to his friend and former teammate. “He’s going through a lot right now,” Johnson said. “He keeps coming back from injuries after injuries, it takes a toll on you, just rehab and treatment. It also takes a toll on you when you know you’re not getting back or you’re going through the same repetitive rehab and treatment.”