Like Dale, Sopan Deb of the New York Times was embedded…

Like Dale, Sopan Deb of the New York Times was embedded with the Trump campaign, then as a reporter for CBS News. After that experience, Deb hesitates to rule anything out. “As someone who is a basketball aficionado and someone who covered politics, I’m out of the prediction game because I’ve been wrong so many times in the last several years in both basketball and in politics,” Deb said. “And as someone who covered the Trump campaign up close, I can tell you that predictions often are wrong. And so if Gregg Popovich ran for president and it became a serious candidacy, it would not surprise me at this point because nothing surprises me.”
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So when he learned Rose left the Cavaliers on Friday to re-evaluate his future in the NBA, James Johnson said his heart goes out to his friend and former teammate. “He’s going through a lot right now,” Johnson said. “He keeps coming back from injuries after injuries, it takes a toll on you, just rehab and treatment. It also takes a toll on you when you know you’re not getting back or you’re going through the same repetitive rehab and treatment.”