In a world where a divisive reality TV star is presiden…

In a world where a divisive reality TV star is president, it is clear that some of the old rules do not apply. Daniel Dale, Washington bureau chief for the Toronto Star, said that whether it’s Kid Rock running for Senate or Popovich potentially running for office, he is willing to think about outside-the-box candidates in a serious way. “My reaction would be that crazier things have happened, and have happened in the last couple years,” Dale said. “But I would also think that he would be a massive longshot.”
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November 21, 2017 | 10:00 pm EST Update
Damian Lillard says that teams can no longer face the Sixers without expecting a fight. “I think in the past we took them lightly. They kind of jumped out and played hard and they beat us,” Lillard said following a Tuesday-evening practice at the Sixers training complex in Camden. “This year, you have no choice but to respect what they’ve done and how they’re playing. They’re not doing it like it’s luck, they’re out there hooping.”
Despite the rolled ankle, noticeable discomfort, and around-the-clock treatment, Lillard seems determined to face the Sixers. Lillard, who did not participate in practice, said he is looking forward to the matchup. “I told y’all that yesterday,” Lillard said, referring to previously saying he planned on playing in Philadelphia. “I pretty much got babied last night so it was good…I feel good.”
Storyline: Damian Lillard Injury
November 21, 2017 | 9:18 pm EST Update