The Boston Celtics are unconscious at the moment, as Br…

The Boston Celtics are unconscious at the moment, as Brad Stevens’ team has won 12 consecutive games after an 0-2 start. One high-profile figure that happens to be paying attention is Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, who had glowing things to say about Boston on Tuesday. “They’re all on a string,” Kerr said. “They play off each other really well. They’re really sound and they’re motivated. It’s a team that’s been on the rise the last couple years, lost in the conference finals. They want to win a championship. And it looks like, even with Gordon Hayward and that awful injury, Boston is just crushing people. So it’s going to be really fun to go against them on Thursday. We know how tough it’s going to be.”
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March 24, 2018 | 5:26 am EDT Update
Think about it. It’s fair to wonder if the Jazz even wanted to win. Put yourself in Dennis Lindsey’s shoes. The Jazz GM has a solid team, a frontline center and an exciting rookie to build around. But he needs another star. The top of the draft looks chock full of them. So maybe, with your team stinking up the joint in January, you sit Gobert a few more weeks and join the race to the bottom. Earlier this week, I asked Jazz coach Quin Snyder if he ever had those conversations. “Never,” Snyder said. “That’s just not how we do things. There was never any kind of suggestion of that. In the larger picture, we’re finding out who we are. This experience right now, having to compete for a spot, there is value in that. Things might happen — you can’t take anything for granted. The result ultimately isn’t the only reflection of where you are. The goal for me is to continue to improve. Not X wins, or how many in a row, but how can we keep getting better. It’s how we started the beginning of the year. It’s how we are now. We aren’t overthinking it.”