“I hate to just keep banging on the NFL, but the satu…

“I hate to just keep banging on the NFL, but the saturation was a symptom of a bigger problem,” he said. “That’s when I said that pigs get fat, because you see how they handle controversy. They don’t know what to do, and the players can’t really deal with it. Here our players have a big enough voice that if we screw up, our players correct us. Whether it’s (Brad (Stevens), whether it’s Danny (Ainge), whether it’s (Al) Horford, whether it’s Kyrie (Irving) — they all have voices. They can say what’s on their mind, and that has a bigger impact on how fans respond than what (commissioner) Adam Silver says or what I say or what Wyc (Grousbeck, the Celtics co-owner) says. That’s a huge thing.
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December 10, 2017 | 6:40 pm EST Update
Though Wall was going for laughs — several Washington Wizards teammates recognized the impression — there was a sincerity to his acknowledgment of Beal’s hot streak. “He’s already a lethal scorer,” Wall said before the Wizards faced the Los Angeles Clippers on Saturday, “but he’s finding ways to do it in so many other ways, getting downhill and getting to the basket and a guy like that that can score in various ways and get into a rhythm, the basket’s big.”
Storyline: Wall-Beal Dynamic