Gregg Popovich: “As discussions went on, it became ap…

1 week ago via ESPN
Gregg Popovich: “As discussions went on, it became apparent to me that it really was me. He’s been playing in the league for nine years. I’m not going to turn him into some other player. I could do some things defensively or rebounding-wise. But on offense, I was going to move him everywhere. That was just silly on my part. Total overcoaching. So, we took care of it, and he’s been fantastic.”
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Chris Webber told The Dan Patrick Show on Friday that he tried to go after Vin Baker – but blamed the whole thing on Gary Payton for hyping him up just a bit too much during the game. He almost made it in, he said. “I did get close to him and if we caught each other, we would have fought. But someone would have broken it up after three seconds, so it wouldn’t have been a fight. But a couple of weeks later we went out and we hung out, so it was nothing. But that’s Gary Payton on the team it just pumps everyone up and makes it an issue.