Earlier this season Luke Walton went to Corey Brewer wi…

Earlier this season Luke Walton went to Corey Brewer with a question. The coach was mindful of the veteran swingman’s reign as the league’s active ironman, with a games played streak that before Thursday had reached 317 games. “Would he want me to throw him in some game with three seconds, call a timeout type of thing just to keep the streak alive?” Walton recalled to the Southern California News Group on Thursday night. He said Brewer replied, “No, just coach the game. If I’m playing I’m playing, if I’m not I’m not.”
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“There’s a bone fragment stuck in my ligament on the inside. It’s in the joint, so it’s causing a lot of sharp pain every time I jump and run — even light running and jumping,” Leuer said. “They’re going to take that out. I had a pain on the outside of my ankle too, so they’re going to clean that up and take out a piece of cartilage. “It’s not necessarily from the (last) injury I had. I rolled it a lot; they think it’s an accumulation of things. You don’t know for sure, but the last ankle sprain aggravated it and things moved around in there.”
However, Hornacek insisted Mills and GM Scott Perry have not changed the long-term plan for the Knicks. An NBA source confirmed nothing has changed, that playoffs has never been the No. 1 priority for management this season as they hold their own first-round pick in the last year of the current lottery format. “In Phoenix, the plan was rebuilding and [we] got off and had a great year,’’ Hornacek said. “Then the expectations changed, the mentality changed. Here we talked about rebuilding and got off to a good start because we had a lot of home games. But Scott, Steve, we’re still on the same page, giving our young guys opportunities. We’re still trying to win games. We want to establish where we have an identity defensively [that] we’re going to get after it all the time. We’re building toward that and it’s great to have that support.’’
The Portland Trail Blazers have hired Don Vaden in a consulting role to help educate the team on rules of the game and officiating, the team announced on Friday. “He’s going to be a resource for the coaches (and) the players,” Blazers coach Terry Stotts said. “As far as understanding some of the rules, interpretations, knowing the referees, style of refereeing, I think he’s just going to be a tremendous resource.”
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