Brian Windhorst of the atmosphere around the Cavs: “[…

Brian Windhorst of the atmosphere around the Cavs: “[After the championship], I think David Griffin got to smile for maybe two days [and] maybe even less for Dan Gilbert. There is an organizational fatigue. I saw this in Miami too, for sure. By the end of that four-year run, the organization was absolutely, completely devoid of energy. I’ll never forget the NBA Finals loss against the Spurs after Game 5 back in 2014. That’s when [San Antonio] had their revenge series and won, 4-1. Typically the locker room after losing the NBA Finals, it’s a very depressing place. Not only are the players completely gassed, but it’s a huge defeat – a defeat that sits on their permanent record. But that locker room [in 2014], I’ll never forget it, because there was such a sense of relief in there. It almost felt like the last day of school.”
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