Al Horford a keeper?

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October 21, 2016 | 7:33 pm EDT Update
“It’s not doom and gloom,” Brett Brown told Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Ben (Simmons) is coming back in January. We are still trying to find information on Jerryd [Bayless]. Jahlil [Okafor] is still trying to touch the court in his first preseason game.” Simmons had surgery to repair the fracture on October 4th. January 3rd would be 13 weeks post-surgery, which is close to the 10-12 week timeline orthopedic surgeon Daniel Cuttica explained as a typical recovery timeline for Simmons’ injury.
Only Francona’s text went unanswered from Lue. “He sent me a text during the Finals,” Lue said after practice Friday. “He had changed numbers, so I didn’t really know who it was. When I was texting him the other night, I saw a text came from him, and I said, ‘Oh s—. My bad.’ He said, ‘No I understand. You got busy.’ … We cleaned it up, and I had a chance to talk to him the other night.”
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Lue was asked how he would feel if fans with access to both games chose the Indians over the Cavs that night. “Why would I be offended? The World Series is in town, and you have tickets to both, so you can do what you want,” Lue said. “You paid money for the tickets, and you’re going to support both teams. It’s not like you’re not supporting one team. If you think about it realistically, we already won and it’s over, and they were there to support that. So now the Indians are going to the World Series, and it’s a great time. Whatever they decide to do is on them.”
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October 21, 2016 | 6:47 pm EDT Update
There are stakes, now. Exercising his fourth-year option isn’t a huge dilemma, but whether or not to offer him a qualifying offer to retain his rights versus letting him become an unrestricted free agent after next season is a little more complex. The Raptors do not need him to be a rotation player yet, but urgency is creeping in. Gale mentioned that even though Caboclo spent most of his rookie season learning from the Raptors at the NBA level, that rarely translated in Mississauga. “You’ve got to be the NBA player,” Gale said. “You can’t be the young D-League guy anymore.”