Alessandro Gentile headed to the Houston Rockets? Not so fast

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Los Angeles Lakers co-owner Jeanie Buss met with Hall of Famer and former Lakers point guard Magic Johnson on Tuesday night, sources with knowledge of the meeting told ESPN. The exact nature of the meeting was not immediately clear, but sources said Buss has been soliciting opinions on the direction the franchise should take moving forward, after three straight losing seasons and possibly a fourth, with the Lakers already having lost 31 games this season.
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However, Marbury still stands as one of a kind despite being nearly 40 years old. Many Chinese fans say that there are two kinds of foreign players: Marbury and everyone else. That might sound extreme, but it gets at a greater truth: There likely won’t be another Marbury in China anytime soon. “He’s a hard worker, which I think is the most important thing,” said Beyer, who doesn’t represent Marbury but has worked with him in the past. “He is also an extreme competitor. You don’t really see that type of tenacity and anger [among other foreign players in China]. He puts all of his skills and physical dedication into the game.”
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Every summer, Chinese team officials travel to the United States and Europe on aggressive scouting trips. But with the exploding salary cap in the NBA, many Chinese teams say it is becoming more difficult to find quality players at a price they can afford. Du Feng, head coach of the CBA’s Guangdong Southern Tigers, has noticed a drop in overall quality. “Many players who have proven themselves probably didn’t show up [in the CBA],” he said. “Maybe it’s related to the high salary in the NBA.”
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