Alessandro Gentile headed to the Houston Rockets? Not so fast

“The fifth Italian in the NBA is going to be Alessandro Gentile. He will move to the Rockets this summer” said Hackett. Alessandro Gentile signed a contract extension with EA7 last summer and he was supposed to remain in Europe for two more years before moving overseas. But his plans seem different now and he is ready to join the Rockets in 2015.
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August 17, 2017 | 6:15 am EDT Update
LeBron James may or may not be “100 percent” certain to leave Cleveland after this season, but the Cavaliers are reportedly already preparing for life without the King. According to Kevin Durant, James has more than earned the right to dictate the terms of any possible departure. Durant was replying to a tweet Wednesday from rapper Lil Dicky, who said, “If I’m Cleveland, I’m one thousand percent trading LeBron.” James actually has a no-trade clause in his contract, which also gives him the ability to opt out in 2018, but the Warriors forward took the tweet at face value, saying that the Cavs “can’t trade a legend.” “He is Cleveland, he gets to hold the cards,” Durant added.
Storyline: LeBron James Trade?
Durant then returned to his exchange with Lil Dicky, who had noted the acrimony between Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and James over the latter’s 2010 exit in free agency. “If I’m Gilbert, I’m getting something back this time,” the rapper said. “I feel what you’re saying,” Durant replied. “Most owners think that way, but then you realize it’s LeBron James.”
In the past, I know Coach Quin Snyder has told you that he wanted to get you the ball more and now there are even more touches up for grabs. Have you two talked about the bigger role you’ll likely have offensively, and are you excited for that opportunity? Rudy Gobert: Yeah, we’ve talked about it a little bit. That’s just the way it goes; I’ve gotten better every year and my role offensively has increased every year. I’m going to make another step forward this year. I’m not a guy who was taking a lot [of touches] away offensively; I was getting my teammates open, getting them good looks, and then finishing at the rim. Now, I know I’ll probably be able to show even more.
Lauvergne not only will be joining one of the top NBA franchises, he will be reunited on the court with his fellow countryman, Tony Parker, (Team France) as well as Davis Bertans (Partizan Belgrade). And that suits him just fine as he told French site La Montagne. “I’m very happy to go to this great franchise. I’ll be with Tony (Parker) with whom I get along well. The coach (Gregg Popovich) is a very strong person, who has won everything. I will also be with Davis Bertans, with whom I played for two years at Partizan Belgrade. The fact that he is there is a plus for me. The Spurs style of play is European, and that suits me well.”
“The closer we get to training camp, when this Trump stuff dies down, we will all talk about what we are going to do,” said the Kings veteran. “We realize that we have a very large platform. One of the things I love about our league so much is that we’re the most progressive of all the major sports. But at the end of the day, you wonder how much has changed. We’re in a league where 75 percent of the players are black, but we still have very few minority owners and general managers. Frankly, we still have a long way to go, and we have to talk about that.”