Alessandro Gentile headed to the Houston Rockets? Not so fast

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January 17, 2017 | 6:49 am EST Update
A day after saying he hasn’t thought about waiving his no-trade clause, Carmelo Anthony said he remains loyal to the New York Knicks and doesn’t feel the need to prove that loyalty to anyone. “I think I’ve proven that. I don’t have to speak on that. I think I’ve proven that over the years, day in and day out,” Anthony said after the Knicks’ 108-107 loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Monday. “Regardless of what’s going on that’s surrounding this team, any talk, anything I’ve still showed that me being here, coming to work, being professional, got to answer your guys’ questions every day, got to deal with you all, I still remain positive about that. I don’t think I have to prove that to anybody.”
3 hours ago via ESPN
Following New York’s 108-107 loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Monday, Anthony was again pushed on the subject of his stay with the team. “I don’t want this to be kind of going back and forth between me and the front office and management,” Anthony said. “I responded to an article that I read and that was that. My clarity is playing ball right now and getting some wins.” It has been a particularly rocky campaign for Anthony and the Knicks (18-24) who have lost 11 of their past 13 games.
3 hours ago via SBS
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While the collision between LeBron James and Draymond Green seemed to send a burst of energy through Oracle Arena on Monday night, the Golden State Warriors brushed it off following the game. “Was that an incident,” Warriors head coach Steve Kerr asked. “Didn’t look like it. Looked just like a normal foul. It just looked like a normal foul where guys in transition you want to foul them and take away the fastbreak. He went down hard and sold it pretty well, but when I’m looking at the replay I might think, ‘Oh yeah that was definitely a flagrant.’ I haven’t seen it so it’s tough to asses, but he’s a pretty big, strong guy.”
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