Allen Iverson eyes Sixers front-office job

Appearing in the broadcast booth with Marc Zumoff and Malik Allen on Wednesday night, Iverson revealed that he would like to join the Sixers front office. “I have a relationship with these fans like no other. And with this city and with this organization,” Iverson explained of his ties to Philadelphia. “Anything I can do to help, I’m here.” The conversation then turned to Iverson’s post-retirement plans, and if he would like to remain around the game, potentially in a front office capacity. “I would like to be even in that war room,” Iverson replied. “Even if they don’t go with my decision or whatever, just to have an opinion and putting out what I think and trusting the organization to do what’s right.”


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October 9, 2015 | 11:25 am EDT Update
Curry didn’t so much as revisit the topic as search for reasons why Harden did. “I don’t know,” Curry said. “Different guys find different ways of motivating themselves. I’ve never been one to just . . . I’m obviously confident in what I do, and I know he’s confident in what he does. It might come out in a different way. “I try not to do a lot of talking, especially (regarding) things that have passed. Obviously, you’ve got to motivate yourself and I’m sure he’s motivated this year to do some special things. I’m the same way.”
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October 9, 2015 | 10:34 am EDT Update
As the stories in Bristol go, Skip Bayless is less than thrilled with the current setup of First Take. He shows up hours before the show goes on air and huddles with producers to go over topics they will cover, as it usually works in television. According to several people at ESPN interviewed for this article, Smith is said to regularly saunter into the morning meetings a half hour before the show, leading Bayless to ask colleagues at the network why he has to do all the work. On more than one occasion, Smith has called into said meeting from his bed.
October 9, 2015 | 10:01 am EDT Update
Such a turn of events would be a godsend for some Lakers fans, many of whom worship at the altar of Bryant. Numerous people around the NBA, however, say Bryant deciding to play beyond this upcoming season would be the Lakers’ worst nightmare. “They’ve got to get rid of Kobe,” a scout said. “You let him walk,” an agent said. “Get rid of Kobe by whatever means necessary,” an executive said.
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Many insiders doubt Bryant will take a backseat to anyone, let alone young players. “That’s why I wouldn’t want him on the team,” one executive said, “because I don’t think he’d accept that role.” “When has he ever embraced anything even close to that over the last two-to-three years?” one scout asked. “I don’t think you’re going to be able to change him to be in a role that he’s never been in.”
Gibson joined Power 105’s “The Breakfast Club” radio show in New York City Friday morning to announce he was leaving the NBA to pursue a career as a rapper. To be clear, Gibson hasn’t played in the NBA since a stint with the Cavs during the 2012-2013 season. Thus, some people on Twitter are suggesting the NBA actually quit Gibson before he could quit the NBA. “I’m gonna give up my NBA career to start rapping,” Gibson said on air. The response from “The Breakfast Club” host Charlamagne Tha God was somewhat comical:
“They’ve been trying to get me to (be aggressive), and now I’m just getting back to it because I didn’t want to come in being aggressive and then be too aggressive,” Aldridge told USA TODAY. “I think it’s better to be passive (at the beginning), and then kind of get into it more, so they’ve got me back to (thinking), ‘You’ve got to still be yourself, but take the good pass and make the great pass,’ and that’s what I’ve been doing.
The fan was referencing Bryant’s No. 93 ranking in ESPN’s #NBArank project, which counts down the NBA’s top players for this upcoming season. Bryant, a five-time NBA champion and the third all-time leading scorer in NBA history, laughed when asked whether he’d heard such comments from fans defending him. “Yeah, I heard a couple of them,” he said with a smile after scoring 16 points on 5-of-11 shooting in nearly 22 minutes. “I don’t need to defend that [ranking]. Nobody does, really.”
Gülen and Erdoğan were once political allies. But after nationwide protests of Erdogan’s government in 2013 led to a highly criticized crackdown and 22 deaths, Gülen withdrew his support. A corruption scandal followed, which Erdoğan blamed on a political group formed of Gülen’s followers. Kanter is one of those followers. He’s a vocal supporter of the movement and highly critical of Erdoğan. “If you don’t think the same way the president, he tries to stop you on everything,” Kanter said.

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