Andrei Kirilenko back to Europe?

League sources said Saturday night that Kirilenko — if he and his $3.3 million contract clear waivers as expected — is eyeing a potential return to European basketball as opposed to resuming his NBA career. There are a handful of teams stateside still interested in pursuing him, sources say, but Kirilenko has not yet made it clear whether he’s prepared to consider fresh NBA offers.

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February 12, 2016 | 2:41 pm EST Update
Durant has been linked to several teams if he decides to leave the Thunder, including the Warriors, Lakers, Knicks and his hometown Wizards. He said the distraction hasn’t been huge. “It’s great to feel wanted,’’ Durant said. “I put myself in a position where I play basketball at a high level. You hear so many rumors. It’s cool to hear this team, that team wants you. That’s what you want as a player – for everybody to respect you and admire how you play basketball. “[At] the same time, it’s being the best for my teammates. I’m the big brother and leader of that team. It’s tough, but also cool you know you’re an elite level and everyone’s talking about your future.’’
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“This league, it don’t matter what your record is nowadays. You still get fired. I don’t know who’s doing it deep in the organization internally. Record doesn’t matter anymore if you’re a coach. Fish did a great job. It’s tough to turn an organization around in a year-and-a-half. He did the best he could do. I‘m sure he walked out with a lot of peace.’’
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If they do, and he accepts, could Chauncey Billups be an option for the Nuggets to get into their front office? He could. It would be up to the Nuggets to make the call. Billups still wants the chance to join a front office. “I still do have those aspirations,” Billups said. “I’m not just going to jump in anywhere. I would like for it to be a nice situation, a good situation. And if it comes, that’s fine, I’ll look at it. And if it doesn’t that’s fine, I’ll be okay.”
Right now Billups is an NBA analyst for ESPN, something he says he likes. But he adds he thinks the timing is right to make the move, if the right opportunity arises. “That’s been a good transition for me,” Billups said. “It doesn’t take up too much of my time. I wanted to not really go right into an NBA job. I wanted to decompress a little bit. I had some making up to do, I had some time to make up with my family, my girls. And I just kind of wanted to step away long enough where the guys that I played with and all of these young guys that I talk to all the time — I still do — but I want them to see me and respect me a little differently than as a player.”

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