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July 29, 2015 | 3:38 pm EDT Update
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He had hoped he could return to the city that had embraced him, to the team with players he considered brothers, to the franchise where he grew into one of the NBA’s most well-rounded and respected shooting guards. But in the end, after five seasons, the feeling was not mutual. He was greeted with silence. No phone call. No text messages. The Blazers never made an offer. “I was pissed off,” Matthews said. “I felt disrespected.”
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Two days after free agency opened, he agreed in principle to join the Mavericks. On July 9, he signed a four-year, $70 million deal – an average salary of $17.5 million a season, about $10 million more than he earned last season. “I told Cuban this the other day: This is the first time, head-to-toe, that an organization has had faith and confidence in me,” Matthews said. “From coaches, to GM to owner — complete confidence. That’s all I wanted. That’s all I wanted.”
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He says it’s not all about the money, a fact underlined by his recruitment of free agent center DeAndre Jordan, who was waffling between the Mavericks and staying with the Los Angeles Clippers. If Jordan signed with Dallas, his deal would reduce the amount of money the Mavericks could give Matthews by $4 million a season. If Jordan stayed in Los Angeles, Matthews would get the max. “I was honest with him,” Matthews said. “I said, ‘Look man, I would make less money if you come here and I’m begging you to come here. Begging you. I think that shows what I’m about.'”
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How long have you been active on social media? Andrew Bogut: I have been active on social media since 2008. I have started with Facebook, my personal account and the fan page. Later on I opened my Twitter account. Do you consider social media a must-have for all professional athletes? Andrew Bogut: Yes and No. Some athletes like to be more private. I think it is good to connect with fans. Also, a lot of marketing and branding is done. These days your sponsors, brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Mc Donald’s, whoever you sign with, would like you to post things on your social media. It can help with the interaction with your sponsors.
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July 29, 2015 | 12:01 pm EDT Update
During the first day of the CJ McCollum Youth Basketball Camp in Tualatin, it was hard to tell if he or the kids were enjoying themselves more. “This is a lot of fun,” McCollum said Tuesday. “It gives me a chance to bond with the kids. Being a professional athlete, you’re in a position where kids look up to you and you can make an impression —sometimes more of an impression than family members. It’s important that you do things the right way and put yourself in a position to help out and give back. My mom always raised me to give back and remember where you come from. This is just one way to do that.”
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Paul Pierce threw out the first pitch at Tuesday’s Dodgers – A’s game. Pierce seemed to enjoy his reception, though I’m not sure why. A baseball game starting at 7:10 in LA means that there can’t be more than 100 people in the stands. Perhaps he picked out a smattering of boos from unemployed Lakers fans? Either way, he proceeded to ham it up on the mound before bouncing one in the dirt 10-feet in front of the plate.
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July 29, 2015 | 7:05 am EDT Update

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