Blake Griffin back soon

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin is expected to return to the team on Sunday or Tuesday, multiple sources told Griffin went through a full workout in Los Angeles without any limitations Friday during the Clippers’ 129-99 loss to the Mavericks in Dallas. The plan is for him to return Sunday against the Houston Rockets, but there is a chance the Clippers will want to see him go through a practice and a shootaround with the team first, pushing his return to Tuesday against the Hornets.

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February 11, 2016 | 9:48 am EST Update
Even as an unassuming rookie, DeRozan was eager to take on as large of a profile with the team as possible. When Bosh was set to leave Toronto for Miami in the summer of 2010, DeRozan tweeted, “Don’t worry, I got us.” DeRozan doesn’t remember posting the tweet in question, but he sees it in his replies constantly. He recognizes his confidence in it, too. “It’s crazy when I see that. I know that when I wrote it, I meant it. I meant it,” DeRozan said. “Now was the opportunity for me, whatever it was –€” I didn’t know what it was –€” but I just felt like it was my opportunity to take whatever it was and run with it. I didn’t know exactly what it is. I’m always one of them optimistic dudes and believe in working hard. Once you sacrifice and put so much time into something, something is going to come back around for you.

 (I’m sure) that was real when I tweeted that. That’s really how I felt.”
“DeMar works harder than anyone on the team, and that’s with all respect to Kyle,” said Gale, who now serves as an assistant with Raptors 905, the team’s D-League affiliate. “Kyle works really hard as well. DeMar, he’s a gym rat. “It’s rubbed off on Kyle. I didn’t know Kyle before (he was traded) here. But DeMar had his routine of coming in the night before games. Kyle started doing that last year as well. (DeRozan is) just a basketball junkie. It definitely makes the basketball atmosphere or winning culture more of a possible thing.”
Bill MacDonald is in his fifth season as the Lakers television play-by-play announcer on Time Warner Cable SportsNet, though he’s covered Kobe since the very beginning. Calling Kobe’s historic 81-point game will always top the list, but so will that night he raced Bryant home on the 405 freeway. “​Since Kobe and I live near each other, he would say to me, after the games ‘Wanna race home?’ But, we never left at the same time, until this one day. I’m driving down the 405 and I see Kobe’s car in front of me. It was stopped and I happened to blow right past him with my fucking hand and my middle finger out the window like ‘Fuck you!’ and I’m screaming at him and what does he do? We proceed to play cat and mouse for the next 25 minutes all the way down the San Diego freeways, breaking all kind of rules.

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