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Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin is expected to return to the team on Sunday or Tuesday, multiple sources told Griffin went through a full workout in Los Angeles without any limitations Friday during the Clippers’ 129-99 loss to the Mavericks in Dallas. The plan is for him to return Sunday against the Houston Rockets, but there is a chance the Clippers will want to see him go through a practice and a shootaround with the team first, pushing his return to Tuesday against the Hornets.

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October 8, 2015 | 12:30 pm EDT Update
Had you and Jamison talked about how to handle Arenas before the gun incident? Caron Butler: “It was just kind of something we knew. It was like, ‘Go talk to him.’ [Or] ‘I didn’t talk to him, you talk to him.’ It was just one of those things. But I will say this: whenever you talked to a guy like Gilbert, he always listened. He respected our voices, Antawn and myself. He always listened. And the other guys always listened to us, as well. And just on that particular incident that day, it went too far.”
October 8, 2015 | 12:00 pm EDT Update
Still, he doesn’t know how it’s going to end up. He is one of four players with non-guaranteed contracts trying to lock up one of the team’s final two available roster spots for the regular season. ”I’ve seen everything you can see in this league,” Douglas-Roberts said. ”I don’t feel any NBA pressure like I used to feel. But I’m different now. I go back to the hotel meditate and read. You know Zen Master stuff. ”I just kind of settle myself down, cross my legs and not think of anything.That really works for me because this is a crazy business. This is a crazy lifestyle and you can get caught up and you can get lost in the sauce. I just like peace and quiet. I like to get in tune with myself with mother nature and just the universe.”
Trail Blazers power forward/center Ed Davis would get text messages some mornings from his father Terry, who played for four teams during a 10-year NBA career. Terry wasn’t a particularly heralded player, though he managed to carve out a career that included 275 starts despite going undrafted out of Virginia Union University, perhaps by following the cautionary words that he’d send to his son in those morning texts. “I remember growing up, my dad used to text me all the time ‘You’ll never get better laying in bed.’” recalled the younger Davis. “’You don’t want to get up today? Well, somebody else is getting better.’ That always stuck with me. So every day I got up and made sure to grind.”
“All the guys who made it to the NBA whose fathers played in the NBA, they put in that work,” said Davis. “Nothing is given to you, especially in the NBA. They don’t give you anything, you have to earn everything. That’s the thing that the average person doesn’t understand. You look at me and say ‘He’s 6-10, his dad played in the NBA, he just walked in the door.’ That’s not the case. They don’t see the hard work in 7th, 8th grade, getting up in the morning to run and workout and things like that. They don’t see that grind.”
But when Love was on his own time this summer, he pushed his limits. He spent nearly a month in the thin air of Park City, Utah, along with Cavs strength and conditioning coach Alex Moore, on an aggressive rehab excursion. “It was all broken down to a science,” Love said. “[My shoulder] wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be and I wanted to get ahead of the game so I just put muscle on, really worked on my flexibility, range of motion and I came back from there and I really felt great about where I was and that has carried over. “What do they say? Train high, live low. And I was training high and living high for three-plus weeks and your hemoglobin mass goes through the roof. Your red blood cell count [increases]. And going up there, it’s like putting a hand or a pillow over your face and trying to breathe. So when I came back down to sea level, it was a big increase and I felt really great.”
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LeBron James has decided to leave guaranteed endorsement income on the table for a potentially much bigger piece of the pie down the road. James has decided not to renew his option with McDonald’s; he will lend his name and marketing power to fast-casual pizza franchise Blaze. In 2012, James became an original investor in the parent company, which is one of the stronger players in the assembly-line pizza concept.
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October 8, 2015 | 9:20 am EDT Update

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