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March 28, 2017 | 7:10 pm EDT Update
With a big emphasis on rest dominating the NBA the past few weeks, Rockets star James Harden is proud that he has played in all 73 games thus far and missed just one practice. He thinks the fact he hasn’t missed a game this season should matter to MVP voters. “Yeah, because you’re not leaving your teammates out there to dry, ” Harden said Tuesday morning, before the Rockets’ game against the Warriors. “For me, I worry about always having my teammates’ back and always being out there.”
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Storyline: MVP Race
Signed to a rookie extension in October 2014, Rubio has a total of $250,000 in bonuses broken up into three categories: free-throw percentage, free-throw attempts per game and total field goal percentage. With the criteria set at Rubio appearing in at least 62 games, the former first-round pick is in line to reach two out of three bonuses. Rubio earned $150,000 in bonuses last season for free-throw attempts and percentage; this season he will likely earn $75,000 for free-throw percentage but miss out on the bonus for free-throw attempts per game.
Butler, averaging over 7 assists since Feb. 1 and a career-high 5.5 overall, has incorporated film study of players getting double-teamed as well as shooting over double teams into workouts with his personal trainer. “I’m learning,” Butler said. “I think I can still be better with my decision-making, what to do and when to do it. Hell, 70 games in, I guess it’s still a learning curve for me and for everybody else. Hopefully, I continue to make the right plays.”