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October 26, 2016 | 1:56 pm EDT Update
Wade’s former trainer, Tim Grover, fueled further speculation about an eventual reunion for Wade and the Heat while making an appearance on FS1’s “UNDISPUTED” on Oct. 19. While discussing several NBA topics with Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless, Grover expressed his belief that Wade will end up coming back to the Heat. Grover made it clear that he hasn’t had any discussions with Wade or Riley, but stated that he has “a gut feeling” that Wade “will finish his career in Miami.”
After all of the points he has scored (11,262 in seven seasons), we know he doesn’t necessarily burst into a sunbeam after a basket or a pair of free throws. Perhaps it’s because what makes Harden happier is helping his teammates score. He’s about to do more of that than anyone has ever seen. “You see the joy in my teammates getting shots and making shots,” Harden recently told Bleacher Report. “They’re comfortable. Everybody’s happy. When they’re happy, I’m happy. It’s a different vibe. We’re sacrificing for each other. That’s where we are. We’ve got a long way to go, but for now it feels good.”
“Faith” is the word both used to describe their relationship—faith in Harden to be more amazing than ever by being more inclusive than ever. “He’s a lot better than even what I thought, and I thought that was a lot,” D’Antoni said. “He’s one of the best pick-and-roll guys I’ve seen. He’s a terrific passer, not just a good one. He’s a terrific passer.” Even more important is the desire to pass. “He has a willingness and a want to,” D’Antoni said.
The old Gasol easily would have been emotionally distraught and absent the rest of the night. But Gasol removed his ankle tape, iced the foot, returned in the fourth quarter and cheered on the team’s youngsters through two overtime periods. “He’s getting there,” said Conley, who is closest to Gasol as a teammate. “It doesn’t change overnight. He knows that he needs to be one of the leaders of the team and be less emotional if things don’t go the right way. He’s really working on that. He’s not getting as frustrated and learning to move on to the next thing. We need that from him if we’re going to be good.”
“He was a little grumpy last year. But (shoot), he had a right to be,” Randolph said. “We had a bad start and then he missed a lot of games. He loves the game and he’s emotional. It’s an emotional game. But you never question his heart and where his mind is. He’ll be alright.” Still, Gasol now goes out of his way to put his arm around young big men JaMychal Green, Jarell Martin and Deyonta Davis. He mentoring more than ever. “Whenever I say something to them I don’t have anything else on my mind. I don’t try to make them look bad, I don’t try to embarrass them,” Gasol said. “I want them to be a better player.”
Mavericks guard Devin Harris will be in a walking boot for three weeks, coach Rick Carlisle said Wednesday at the team’s shootaround. Harris sprained his right big toe — not the left one, which has been surgically repaired twice — in the preseason finale last week. “It’s a significant sprain,” Carlisle said. “He will likely be in a boot for three weeks and be evaluated after that. We’re going to be without him for a while. So we’ll need the other guys to step up. But we feel like he’s got a chance to come out of this OK.”
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It easily could have escaped the attention of a casual viewer, but it did not escape the attention of Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Shaquille O’Neal and the rest of the NBA on TNT, who took some time aside after the game to make some jokes at the expense of the man, his tan and his mustache, dubbing him “Really Tan Portland Ken.” “Really Tan Portland Ken” is actually Ron Sloy, who lives in the west hills and runs a financial advising firm in Portland. There was some irony in the broadcaster’s choice to lampoon him, Sloy told The Oregonian/OregonLive. “It’s a very small world,” Sloy said. “I’ve actually met Kenny, Shaq and Charles.”