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August 30, 2016 | 10:02 am EDT Update
This past week, Galloway, who will be playing in New Orleans this upcoming season, returned to Baton Rouge for the first time since the flooding started. “It was definitely eye-opening just to see all the devastation, and so many places that you remember that were just fine a day ago, now everything’s been affected,” he told the NBPA in Los Angeles this past week, after his workout with trainer Drew Hanlen. “It’s definitely hard to look at Baton Rouge, just trying to bounce back from all the things that have been occurring with Alton Sterling and also the floods. I just want to help out as much as possible.”
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“I just want to help the schools definitely come back, because it’s going to be a long process,” he said. “Right now, we just want to get the kids back in school and get them moving forward. Even the kids that might not have been in school that were affected, those kids’ parents or their families might have been affected by the floods. So there’s just so many people that have been affected by this. I’m just glad to be able to give back to the community.”
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Galloway is also working with the Pelicans to donate food and water to those in need during these desperate times. Being with the Knicks, he said he learned a lot about the “personable aspect” of giving back to the community. “I’m really just so excited to be back home, number one, and also just to see all the help that the Pelicans have been doing, and the Saints,” he said. “They’re helping out Baton Rouge right now trying to bounce back from this, because both of them have been affected by when Katrina hit.”
56 mins ago via NBPA
In a fight for his life, sportscaster Craig Sager is currently awaiting another bone marrow transplant at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston. An Atlanta resident since the 1980’s, Sager has been battling leukemia for almost three years yet continues to have a great attitude about life and recently was given the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the ESPY’s. Now 65, Sager has been a mainstay on the NBA court at Turner Sports for 35 years. His extravagant wardrobe is even the envy of the best dressed players in the league and hopes to be back on the sidelines this coming season.
Storyline: Craig Sager Health
We caught up with Sager, who provided this update: “I was blessed with a wonderful childhood growing up in Batavia, Ill., I furthered my education at Northwestern University, and I climbed the career ladder as a News Director, Meteorologist, and a Sports Director in Sarasota, Tampa-St. Pete, Ft. Myers, Kansas City, and Atlanta where I have spent the past 35 years as loyal employee at Turner Broadcasting. “I have met life’s challenges by climbing the Great Wall of China, riding with the bulls in Pamplona, sailing the Pacific Ocean with Ted Turner, jumping out of airplanes over Kansas, hang gliding off the cliffs of Mexico, bungee jumping atop a tower in San Antonio, and swimming with the sharks in the Caribbean.

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