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July 6, 2015 | 3:47 pm EDT Update
July 6, 2015 | 2:49 pm EDT Update
“I am excited to announce that I intend to sign with the Minnesota Timberwolves and fulfill my dream of playing in the NBA,” Bjelica told Yahoo Sports in a statement sent through his agent Arn Tellem on Monday. “Thank you Flip Saunders and the rest of the organization for the confidence you have shown in me. I’m looking forward to joining the team and helping it become a contender. Finally I want to thank my former club, Fenerbache, its players and Coach Obradovic for two wonderful years in Istanbul and all we achieved together.”
July 6, 2015 | 2:28 pm EDT Update
In a Sports Center appearance on Monday morning, Chris Broussard said that the Nets and Cavs have had talks on sending Joe Johnson to Cleveland, “there’s nothing happening right now” and discussions are “stagnant.” He added that Lebron James is interested in progress of the talks, that “he wants as much talent as they can get.” He explained… “At one point it seemed like the ball was in the Cavaliers’ court The Nets were willing to do it .. Brendan Haywood’s expiring, potentially non-guaranteed contract and Anderson Varejao for Joe Johnson. The Cavaliers balked. They were hesitant, they didnt want to do it because of the luxury tax implications … It would put them heavily in the luxury tax and they didn’t want to do it. . Now it seems like the Nets don’t really want to do it either. They’re not willing to take back Anderson Varejao’s contract. At one point, they were looking for a third or fourth team to take on Varejao. Now, i’m told that right now, talks are stagnant. So there’s nothing happening right now. Obviously, this could be revisited at any moment

Tristan Thompson's camp continues dialogue with Cavaliers

Thompson still remains a restricted free agent. On a brighter note, dialogue between the sides is active and ongoing. But according to a league source with knowledge of the proceedings, “There’s a lot of talking, but no one is saying anything.” With talks stalled, it prevents the Cavaliers from executing the re-signing of LeBron James, who Paul also represents. Paul has made it clear that Thompson is his main focus. Getting Thompson finalized is essential in moving the Cavaliers’ offseason stratagem along.
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Me: Where have you been holed up during all of this? Luke Ridnour: I’ve just been outside of Seattle. I’ve just been at home. It really hasn’t been that crazy, just because you’re not going to any of those places. It’s not like you’re going and checking out the town and all of that, getting traded. I knew with my contract, there was a chance I would get traded once or twice. It’s been a little more than anyone expected. But where I’m at, if this was four or five years ago, it might have affected me a little more. But I’m not that bothered right now. I don’t even know if I’m going to play next year or not. But it’s been kind of funny. I’m just taking it for what it is.
LR: Well, they’re young. My twins are four, my oldest is six, and now we’ve got a newborn. So they don’t really get it. Me: What did your wife think? LR: She would show me some random funny pictures, like my face across the United States, or a jacket with all the (team) logos on it and my face on it. There’s some funny ones out there. And she was getting a crackup out of it, too. I mean, it was pretty funny there for a while … that’s what made it comical. It was just the contract getting bounced around.
You don’t want to have any bad blood; the NBA is an elite fraternity. As time went on, I was upset, but I always knew that I was going to get to the point where I could talk to Kelly and say, “Hey, man. All good.” So we could move on. So I asked my agent to get me Kelly’s number. And that was it, just a text exchange: “Just want to let you know, no hard feelings. It’s all part of the game.” It was very genuine. He told me he appreciated it. I didn’t want him to worry about what anyone was saying these days. I expressed that I was initially very upset, which I thought was understandable. But I don’t think he is that type of player. We’re cool.
Kevin Love on his shoulder injury: I was really looking forward to the playoffs. This injury is one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with. It was really tough to go out the way that I did. I knew when it happened I probably wasn’t going to be able to return to play. But when I heard the news that I was going to have to get surgery, and be out for four to six months, it was a big, big blow to me.
In training camp, Dudley said, Kidd asked for a show of hands of who thought the Bucks would make the playoffs. When all the hands went up, Kidd assured them — they would definitely make the playoffs. “There was times where I got there at midnight to shoot,” Dudley recalled Sunday. “And I wouldn’t do it that often, maybe every three weeks. And they were there. Grg would sleep there. We would be playing cards, and they would come and say ‘Jared, what were you thinking on this rotation?,’ things like that. At the beginning of the season I was calling the defensive coverages, even though I wasn’t supposed to. One day Jason came to me and said ‘I don’t want you to talk any more. At all. In a game you can do that, but in practice, they need to learn.’ He forced Khris Middleton (to talk). He was clever in that way.”
When Kidd retired as a player, he hired a new agent to represent him for potential coaching jobs: Hal Biagas. He was a former attorney with the National Basketball Players Association who had changed careers in 2009 to represent players and coaches, first working for the powerful Wasserman Sports agency, whose basketball division was headed by the uber-powerful Arn Tellem, and then Schwartz’s Excel Sports in 2012. But Schwartz, who also represented players Paul Pierce and Deron Williams in Brooklyn, was still a powerful voice in representing Kidd’s interests. The relationship between Lasry, Kidd and Schwartz — the latter two close enough to the former to be invited to and attend Lasry’s daughter’s wedding in 2011 — led to the out-of-nowhere hire of Kidd as coach of the Nets in 2013. It was a stunning ascension for a former player — even a great one such as Kidd — who had retired as a player just nine days before getting the job, a position that most who seek it never reach despite a lifetime’s work.
But the Lakers will have to make their biggest improvements internally, far from the cameras. They have to decide if they’re going to join the Brave New NBA World of 3-pointers, small ball and analytics — Russell could fit right into that kind of style of play, which should provide some hope for Lakers fans. And they have to know how to sell their post-Kobe world to the free agents of the future, and who will lead them there.

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