Ersan Ilyasova a keeper?

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February 12, 2016 | 5:36 pm EST Update
Darren Wolfson: Newton’s first real test: whether to move Shabazz. Hear tonight Blazers, Suns, & Celtics kicking the tires. LAC still too, & more. #twolves – Kyle Ferreira: I hope Portland can get him. What do you think they would have to give up? – Darren Wolfson: Allen Crabbe, and Portland isn’t doing that. Most trades talked about NEVER happen. I see Shabazz staying.
Darren Wolfson: Here’s a quote from #Twolves boss Milt Newton on the Rubio trade talk: “To this point, no one has called us about Ricky. Whatever is out there is not accurate. Will someone call? I don’t know, but if that happens, it behooves the organization that I listen.” – Scott Korzenowski: Didn’t exactly deny that Wolves are shopping him, though. Just said no one has called. – Darren Wolfson: I’ve texted some non-Wolves FO folks and nobody has told me they’re shopping him. But are the Wolves married to him? I’d say no.
Storyline: Ricky Rubio Trade?

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