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October 21, 2016 | 6:24 am EDT Update
Tayshaun Prince joined CBS Sports Digital Thursday and told host Nick Kostos on the Crossover that the Pistons could have won as many as four championships if they had drafted Carmelo Anthony with the No. 2 pick instead of Darko Milicic. “I think if we did take Melo, maybe two, maybe three, maybe four championships,” Prince said. “And then after my fourth or fifth year, now you have to decide what you want to do. But at least you know going in, if you take Melo we got a guy. And who knows, he comes off his bench the first year or two, or maybe they insert him into the starting lineup, whatever. “But we knew coming in, if he could come in off the bench and accept that sixth man role, we’d be pretty awesome for the next five or six years before they make the decision if they’re going to keep me or him.”
Zubac believes he can bring the skyhook back to the Lakers. “That’s going to be my move,” Zubac said. The 19-year-old naturalized Croatian, drafted by the Lakers with the 32nd pick in June, practiced the move while overseas, but he wasn’t encouraged by coaches to try the shot in games. “When I was joking around, I was always shooting the skyhook,” Zubac said. “I knew I could hit it, but in Europe, you don’t have freedom to do things like that. When I started working with [special assistant to the general manager] Bill Bertka, we were watching film of Kareem, and he asked me if I can shoot the skyhook, and I said, ‘Yeah, why not?’
Three days later, Swift, now 30, reflected on that experience. “Overall the workout went well,” he told The Japan Times. “I haven’t been able to train at that high of a level in some time, so it took a bit to get readjusted. But once I did I felt comfortable on the court again. My conditioning was good, my body didn’t hurt, and I enjoyed playing with the other guys in the court both with and against. “After the last few years of training for this, it felt good to actually have the opportunity to possibly play again. I can only offer my opinion but I believe that I showed that I am ready and willing to play again. And I can’t thank (Santa Cruz coach) Casey Hill enough for allowing me just the opportunity to come to the tryout.”
Storyline: Robert Swift Free Agency