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June 30, 2015 | 9:16 pm EDT Update
So if the Lakers want to sign both Jordan and Aldridge, they need to do one of the following: 1. Get rid of Kobe. They can’t trade him unless he agrees, because of his no-trade clause. They could waive him and stretch his salary, however. The cap hit for this season would reduce to about $8.3 million, clearing about $16.2 million off their cap. This would give them enough cap room to sign both Aldridge and Jordan, and they’d even be able to hang onto Black, Brown, Kelly, Sacre and Young, and still have about $2 million to spare.

Larry Bird wants Rodney Stuckey back

Recently when asked about the season, Bird, who will just as soon use the term “good little player” to describe a pro, could not bridle his enthusiasm about Stuckey. “I want him back, too. He was great. Great worker. He worked as hard as anybody. He lifted just about every game. Every thing we asked him to do at the beginning of the year, he did it. He was fantastic,” Bird said. “He knows how much I want him, I told him that at the end of the year.”
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On Wednesday, Stuckey returns to the open market of free agency — his name restored and career reinvented. The Star has learned at least five teams have expressed interest in speaking with Stuckey. The stain from his final six years in Detroit erased. “I knew I wasn’t that type of person,” Stuckey said about the rumors that followed him last summer. “Just everything being dysfunctional (in Detroit) and not having structure really messed me up.”
Last summer when Stuckey had a chance to leave, the whispers followed him out of Detroit. Several league sources informed The Star how rumors about Stuckey’s perceived bad attitude hurt his stock during last summer’s free agency. “Moody, can’t be coached, bad guy, can’t win with him,” said an Eastern Conference insider, repeating the circulated gossip. “Anybody that really knows him, would know… he’s one of the most misunderstood guys in the league.”
Like asking the kicking and screaming understudy to take over the roles of Macbeth, The Three Witches and Lord Banquo, Stuckey struggled in the role as leader. He watched his role evolve constantly. Around him the once veteran locker room changed, and often staged mutiny against coaches. In one infamous episode in 2011, several players, including Stuckey, organized a boycott of a morning shootaround. “A lot of drama,” Stuckey recalled. “We could’ve had our own reality TV show.”

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