Gregg Popovich expects Tim Duncan to play one more season

“No matter how (the season) ends, I think Timmy is going to look at (retirement) again,” Popovich told USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday. “And if you ask me, my guess is that he’ll go for another one because he has been so consistent this season. It’s just consistent stuff: another double-double, over and over and over again. Because of that, I think in his mind that if it continues through the rest of the year, I think he’ll say, ‘I’m going to go another year and see what happens.’ Because what he has told me is that the minute he feels like he’s a hindrance to his team or he’s not on the positive end or helping him, he’s going to walk right off the court. It might be during the third quarter of a game. He’s not going to hang on to finish a contract or make the money or have the notoriety that you know he doesn’t give a (expletive) about. So the way he’s playing now, he’s going to look in the mirror and say, ‘Hey, I’m doing all right.’ ”
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Cavs considering trade for Joe Johnson

The Cleveland Cavaliers are considering trading for Brooklyn Nets star Joe Johnson with their Brendan Haywood contract chip, sources told Haywood has a $10.5 million nonguaranteed contract if waived before Aug. 1, an asset that has gained in value over the last several days as other teams use up their cap space. The Cavs have been looking for perimeter help with Haywood’s contract and Johnson would certainly provide a major boost as an additional scoring and shooting option.
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One possible option for the Cavs would be sending big man Anderson Varejao to the Nets in such a deal. Varejao will make $9.6 million this upcoming season as part of an extension he signed last year. Varejao is coming off of a ruptured Achilles tendon he suffered last December but is on track to return by the start of the season.
This rumor is part of a storyline: 6 more rumors
July 5, 2015 | 4:12 pm EDT Update
The Indiana Pacers reached agreement to keep their sixth man, Rodney Stuckey, in Indianapolis. The deal is worth $21 million over three years and includes a player option in year 3, his agent, Paolo Zamorano, told Stuckey’s desire was to re-sign with the Pacers but after they spent significant money on Monta Ellis, he wasn’t sure if it was even a possibility. About four teams expressed serious interest in signing Stuckey but he wanted to wait to see how the Pacers’ cap situation played out. The Pacers will be able to keep him with money that will come available once the NBA’s moratorium ends on July 9th and they offload Roy Hibbert and his $15.5 million contract to the Los Angeles Lakers. “Rodney’s No. 1 goal when he hit free agency was to return to Indiana,” agent Paolo Zamorano said. “We felt like he could build something there.”
July 5, 2015 | 3:10 pm EDT Update
July 5, 2015 | 3:04 pm EDT Update

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