Jacque Vaughn says he's not worried about job security

Vaughn said he’s not worried about his job security, and it helps him that he learned as a player to avoid social-media chatter and unsubstantiated speculation about potential moves. “I really don’t read it,” Vaughn said after the Magic lost their sixth consecutive game Saturday night, extending its longest losing streak of the season. “I’m not on social media. And the great thing is I do my job as hard as I can every single day, and I’ll always keep it that way. I keep it that simple. I don’t complicate it. What I do know is, since Day One, since I accepted this job, everything I’ve done has been for this organization and it’ll continue to be that way.”

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July 30, 2015 | 7:08 am EDT Update
Crawford has alluded to displeasure with the Clippers on social media, tweeting that being a free agent would be a “wish” for him in the wake of persistent trade rumors. The veteran shooting guard also listed Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena among his favorite NBA spots, seemingly referencing the Cavaliers because they were one of his rumored trade destinations. There is also the matter of whether the Clippers need to make Jordan more of a focal point of their offense. That possibility seemed to dazzle the center during his free-agency dalliance with the Dallas Mavericks.
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The Rockets are “close to an agreement” to bring back forward/center Chuck Hayes, Hayes’ agent Calvin Andrews said. Hayes met with Rockets coach Kevin McHale and much of the Rockets’ front office during a summer league game last week in Las Vegas when he was in town to coach an AAU team. The Rockets left thinking there could be a place on the roster before training camp, but with the trade of Ty Lawson moving four players, the Rockets and Hayes’ representatives moved close to a deal. “The trade opens some doors,” Andrews said. “We just have to hammer out some fine details.”
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Guard Josh Richardson, who impressed the Heat during summer league, agreed to a three-year, $2.5 million contract Tuesday with the Heat. He will assuredly be on Miami’s roster this season; Miami loves his upside as a defender and a combo guard. Richardson will earn the rookie minimum $525,093 this season; that money is guaranteed. The second year of the contract, worth $874,636, is partially guaranteed. The third year is likely going to be a team option at $1.1 million, though the exact structuring of it was still being worked on.
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His agent, Scott Nichols, explained it thusly: “The decision was made because while we could have waited until August 1, James and I are traveling to Australia to do some basketball clinics and promotional work and we didn’t want to have this looming over our heads while we are here. Also for James he didn’t come to the Heat to just make the team and get a partial guarantee. “He is fully confident like he was last year that he will come to training camp ready to make a bigger impact this year and help the Heat win. He expects not only to be on the Heat opening night but to be a big part of the rotation.
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Fratello, who coached Rivers for his first seven years as a point guard with the Atlanta Hawks, had his own question regarding Stephenson and Josh Smith, new acquisitions with shaky reputations. “There’s no one in the league who won’t say that they have talent and they have been athletically blessed,” said Fratello, an analyst for TNT. “However, they also come with the word ‘but’ after it, a little like [free-agent guard] J.R. Smith. Which J.R. Smith are you getting? The one who unties guys’ shoes at the foul line or the one who makes eight threes in a game?”
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Stephenson comes with a history of having blown in LeBron James ear’ during a game. He’s also generated whispers about being a bad teammate, leading to more questions from Fratello. “How is he going to fit in with the chemistry of this team and how will he handle the star factor of Chris Paul, of Blake Griffin, of Pierce’s experience and his Hall of Fame background?” Fratello asked. “How is he going to fit in with all that and does he bounce back from having a disappointing year last year? Has he grown up, has he matured, is he going to be a contributor?”
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