Jacque Vaughn says he's not worried about job security

Vaughn said he’s not worried about his job security, and it helps him that he learned as a player to avoid social-media chatter and unsubstantiated speculation about potential moves. “I really don’t read it,” Vaughn said after the Magic lost their sixth consecutive game Saturday night, extending its longest losing streak of the season. “I’m not on social media. And the great thing is I do my job as hard as I can every single day, and I’ll always keep it that way. I keep it that simple. I don’t complicate it. What I do know is, since Day One, since I accepted this job, everything I’ve done has been for this organization and it’ll continue to be that way.”
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Star free-agent forward LaMarcus Aldridge has agreed to sign a four-year, $80 million maximum contract with the San Antonio Spurs, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Aldridge, who turns 30 on July 19, had spent all nine seasons of his NBA career with the Portland Trail Blazers, developing into one of the league’s best big men. He informed the Trail Blazers on Friday night that he had narrowed his choices to either the Spurs or Phoenix Suns, then chose the Spurs on Saturday morning.
However, owner Mark Cuban is preaching caution, emphasizing that the Mavs recruited Matthews with long-term goals in mind. “We’re not putting a timetable on it,” Cuban said Friday on 1310 The Ticket. “Like I told Wes, if he opens up with camp, great. If he starts the season, great. If he misses 30 games, great. I don’t care because we didn’t sign him for this year. “We signed him because having Chandler [Parsons], having DeAndre [Jordan] and having Wes Matthews, that’s a great young core. And so the goal isn’t to try to rush them: ‘Oh my goodness, we might miss something.’ It’s really to get them all healthy, which we know we can, and have them playing together and be something special for a lot of years as opposed to being worrying about the first 30 games of this season.”
Stephen Curry is lethal from the three-point line and frighteningly consistent from half-court. The sweet-shooting NBA champion tried to make things more difficult on himself by throwing a PhunkeeDuck into the mix. Predictably, he was still efficient. Sinking long-range shots is a more basketball-centric use for the ride than, say, exiting a postgame press conference. But Curry still has a long way to go in supplanting J.R. Smith as the NBA’s true Face of the PhunkeeDuck.
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“I’m happy and excited,” Harris told the Orlando Sentinel late Friday night from his family’s home on Long Island. “It’s still surreal for me. I just think back when I first came to the NBA, and I wanted to just really be here for more than four years. You know, that’s the average expectancy as an NBA player. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to be in Orlando, to get an opportunity where I can showcase my game and be on a great team with great teammates and a great organization. So it’s a true blessing. It really is.”
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Skiles was the Milwaukee Bucks’ coach when the Bucks drafted Harris in 2011, and Harris played sparingly during the period that Skiles’ and Harris’ tenures in Milwaukee overlapped. Harris refuted those rumors on Friday night. “First off, me and Scott have a great relationship,” Harris said. “What people don’t understand is that when he first coached me, I was 18 years old. And from 18 to being about to turn 23 now, I’m a completely different player. Even in Milwaukee, where I didn’t play as much, we still had a great dialogue. He just wanted me to work harder. He just said, ‘Your time is coming.’ So he was always encouraging for me.

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