Jamal Crawford an option for Knicks?

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October 28, 2016 | 2:14 pm EDT Update
Bogut said on media day that he would have forced a buyout if the Warriors would have traded him to a team he did not approve. He clarified Friday that he was not referring to the Rockets. “That was a different team, not Houston,” Bogut said, acknowledging that the Philadelphia 76ers were the other team that engaged the Warriors in serious trade talks. “I’m not saying I would have forced a buyout. It would have been an option.”
3 hours ago via ESPN
“It was important to play with the spirit of a tough minded team,” said Gibson. “Rondo is a tough minded guy; he loves his teammates. The whole night he was just chattering away, telling us what to do. You see when the scuffle happened he was the first one in there. It’s great to have guys like that having your back. The good teams know how to find a way to win games. That comes from having guys like D. Wade, Rondo, guys who have actually won before and are not afraid to take those shots. All during the game all I heard was Rondo’s voice constantly motivating guys, constantly telling guys where to go; even when D. Wade hit that big shot, Rondo was in there saying, ‘Stop celebrating, let’s get ready for the next play.’ Those are the things that help teams.”