James Jones staying in Cleveland

Well, he’s a free agent, too. And he’s coming back. “I’ll be back in Cleveland for sure,” Jones told the Northeast Ohio Media Group Sunday in Las Vegas, on the red carpet for the first Players’ Awards show. “I’ve made it well known last year when I told them I was coming to help change the culture and do something special,” Jones said. “It wasn’t a situation where I was looking for a platform to move on. I was looking to be a part of something, to build something. And so I’m still in.”

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February 9, 2016 | 3:08 pm EST Update
The Knicks president posted to Twitter on Tuesday a lengthy “explanation” of his basketball philosophy and outlook for the franchise following the dismissal of coach Derek Fisher the day prior. “I am sad about D-Fish,” Jackson wrote, to preface his mind-bending mini-essay. “However, I’m not discouraged. Here is some things pundits should know before assuming ‘next.’”
Storyline: Derek Fisher Fired
An opening paragraph references psychologists Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow in a thicket of notions about “self actualization,” with a canny suggestion to buy his book on the subject. Jackson returns to planet Earth in the second paragraph, though, when he begins getting specific about management styles. He subscribes to the theory of transformational leadership, which moves an organization toward collective evolution, as opposed to the transactional approach, which promotes the status quo. “This is also a clue for people that inquire about who might work as a leader for this Knick team,” Jackson wrote. “Inside that style of play for that leader is the idea that there should be a system of play that includes the group. [Ed. note: Huh????] How that is done can include using the Δ system of basketball, but doesn’t exclude other systems that include group play.”
February 9, 2016 | 2:49 pm EST Update
“Anytime I even watch his games, even when I’m not playing him, it’s always, like, very emotional just knowing it’s his last hurrah,” James said after the Cavs’ 120-100 win over the Sacramento Kings. “And he’s done so much, not only for the Lakers organization, but for me as a kid growing up watching Kobe and things of that nature and also competing against him. “So it’s going to be really cool to see him on Wednesday for sure, and hopefully — I know our fans — they’re going to give him a great reception, well-deserved.” A source told ESPN that the Cavs will honor Bryant with a pregame video, as many teams have done.
Storyline: Kobe Bryant Retirement

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