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October 20, 2016 | 5:02 pm EDT Update
Charles Barkley: “I have told you guys the five greatest players in my opinion: Michael [Jordan], Oscar Robertson, Wilt [Chamberlain], Bill Russell and Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar]. Then it’s Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan. Then LeBron is right there. I don’t understand why ya’ll are in such a hurry to move him past Tim Duncan and Kobe. Now if he wins a couple of more championships, I might move him past Kobe and Tim Duncan. You guys always talk about championships. Kobe and Tim have five. LeBron has three…LeBron is amazing. But only in the bulls— of today’s society could I say a guy is one of the eight greatest players ever and it’s an insult to him. That’s crazy. If LeBron wins a couple of more championships I will move him past Tim Duncan and Kobe.
Charles Barkley: “Us older guys were disappointed in Kevin. I’m not going crazy here but we were disappointed when LeBron did it. Guys like myself, Patrick [Ewing], Karl Malone, John Stockton, we can answer we are good even if we didn’t win a ring. But we would have never answered, let’s go play with other stars. For some reason something changed media-wise that you have to win a championship or you suck as a player. Our [old] guys are like, “No, if you gave your best that is good enough.” But these young guys get caught up in the peer pressure and media. I know this for a fact: You don’t think LeBron felt better about winning that one in Cleveland than he did those two in Miami? Winning in Miami would not be the same as winning in Cleveland. There is a reason he went back. Durant winning a championship with Golden State will not feel the same as winning in Oklahoma City. He will be happy and excited but he will not feel the same.”