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December 1, 2015 | 3:33 pm EST Update
LeBron James blamed himself Tuesday for never meeting Kobe Bryant in the NBA Finals. The two superstars have combined to play for a championship each of the last nine years, but never faced each other. It will end as one of James’ few disappointments in his career. “I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain,” James said of 2009, when the Cavs were upset by the Orlando Magic in the conference finals. “I know the world wanted to see it. I wanted it, he wanted it. He held up his end, I didn’t hold up my end and I hate that. I hate that it didn’t happen.”
He looked at the schedule Monday night to see when the Cavs and Lakers will meet this season: Feb. 10 in Cleveland and March 10 in Los Angeles in what will be the final game between two legends who never met when it really mattered. “I think it’ll be very emotional and very fun. Obviously I want to win and he wants to win, too. But some things about that will be much bigger than a win or a loss,” James said. “I don’t know. It won’t really make sense next year when you see the Lakers and you don’t see Kobe in a uniform. … It’s going to be pretty weird.”

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