Joe Johnson back to Atlanta?

The Hawks are interested in bringing back Joe Johnson. And a reunion is a real possibility. The Hawks are one of several teams with serious interest in signing the seven-time All-Star and Johnson has serious interest in the returning to Atlanta, according to several people familiar with the situation. The Nets bought out Johnson’s contract and waived the guard/forward on Thursday. Another team can claim Johnson and assume his salary. More likely, he will become a free agent when he clears waivers at 5 p.m. on Saturday.

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October 27, 2016 | 1:48 pm EDT Update
The Kings’ All-Star was asked after Sacramento’s 113-94 win over the Phoenix Suns at Talking Stick Resort Arena what were some of the positives about his latest coach, Dave Joerger. The answer was funny and honest. “I like him and he likes me,” Cousins said. Following last season’s saga with George Karl as coach, much attention will be paid to the relationship between Joerger and Cousins.
Storyline: Joerger-Cousins Dynamic
Cousins said last week he likes that’s there’s no gray area with Joerger. He makes everything plain and clear and that’s a plus. Joerger said he hasn’t done anything out of character to try to connect with Cousins. “I didn’t really do anything special other than try to be yourself,” Joerger said. “I think if you try to be somebody else that’s always a problem. Players can always see right through that so just be yourself, what you’re trying to do, how we’re trying to build it for the future of our team this season and going out for future years.”
SA: How disappointed were you about last season’s playoff run? Enes Kanter: It was definitely frustrating because I remember after the game, I looked and a lot of people were crying in the locker room. And you went that far and we knew that we were the better team and we played harder. But it’s a seven-game series. We will always remember that it’s a seven-game series. SA: Did you watch the NBA Finals? Enes Kanter: I didn’t watch the Finals. I asked a couple of the guys, and they said they didn’t watch any Finals either. I watch some highlights and stuff, but when I look back it just feels horrible.
SA: Your defense has been questioned. Have you committed yourself to defense? Enes Kanter: So I’m focused first on defense, because when I was growing up I was always asked to be the go-to guy or I would just say, ‘just give me the ball.’ It was just clear. At times I would joke around like that. One thing I think the playoffs taught me is if you want to win a championship, if you want to go that far, you cannot do it without defense, you can’t be selfish.
In an interview with News 4’s Don Harris, the anchor asked Ginobili if he ever heard of the American expression, “I’d give my left —.” Harris’ voice trail off for a moment before Ginobili interjected. “I gave my right one,” Ginobili said. “I gave it all, I gave it all. I gave my right one for the Spurs, I can say it, I can really say it. It’s true.”
Storyline: Manu Ginobili Injury
Ginobili sustained the injury in a game against the New Orleans Pelicans on Feb. 3, when Ryan Anderson’s knee struck him in his groin. Ginobili immediately collapsed to the ground in pain. The shooting guard, who is known for his toughness over his 15-season career, said the injury ranked “top, top” in terms of pain. “Usually when that happens, it hurts for a little bit. And then after three minutes, you’re back at it,” Ginobili said in March. “It was three minutes, five minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour, an hour and a half, and I was still in the same level of pain. So when we got to the clinic, once we did an MRI, [the doctors said], ‘We need the surgery, and it’s got to be right now.’
“Let me just single out one owner in particular, Michael Jordan,” Silver said during his upbeat update on CBA negotiations this week following the Board of Governors meetings in Manhattan. “I think having Michael Jordan as part of our negotiating committee, the unique perspective he brings to the bargaining table because of his playing career, having been, of course, a superstar player. Now for players to see him in that position, it doesn’t mean that if Michael says it, it necessarily means that they accept that as the position they should take. But I think that’s really added a special element unique to this league.”
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