Joe Johnson buyout?

Where will Joe Johnson be playing in 2016-17? Stein: Not. Brooklyn. That’s about as definitive as we can get this far away from free agency. But the more interesting question might be: Will Johnson finish this season in Brooklyn? There are some folks around the league who wonder if the Nets would consent to buying out Johnson after the Feb. 18 trade deadline if they can’t move him. The Nets would naturally dismiss any such suggestions, given that they have no other choice but to try to win as many games as they can before sending their unprotected 2016 top pick to Boston. But they also frequently insisted that they wouldn’t buy out Deron Williams before ultimately doing so.

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April 30, 2016 | 6:35 am EDT Update
Your contract with the Sacramento Kings is getting over by next month, What are your future plans? Will you extend the contract or will like to be drafted to a different team? Seth Curry: Yeah, I am thinking on that. I’ve left a few games with the Kings. I love my club – Sacramento Kings and I like the team and enjoy my game there with my mates. It will be really difficult for me to move on to a new club, but it would be early to say that there’s no possibility.
Rivers left the game at 6:46 of the first quarter. Amazingly, he came back at 5:03 of the second quarter and went on to score 21 points, grab six rebounds and dole out eight assists. His eye looked awful. He felt terrible because his team lost. “Went up for an offensive rebound,” Rivers said. “I just kind of caught a … I don’t know what happened, I think it was an elbow. I just caught it right to my eye. I can’t really see out of it, so it is what it is, man.

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