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September 27, 2016 | 11:37 am EDT Update
Four-year deals worth more than $100 million for Antekounmpo and McCollum did not carry much mystery or bartering. “I feel like those rookie extension deals get done if they’re fair for both sides,” McDonough said. If the Suns do not give extensions to their 2013 draftees, they still would have the ability to match another team’s offer in the restricted free agency process or exclusively offer a five-year contract.
There were strong rumours that Fernandez would return to the U.S but he says it was never truly an option in his eyes due to the fact that Real Madrid has given him so much in the last number of years. “At no time did I consider leaving Madrid. I know that Madrid has given me and my family a lot. I’ve been at the club for five years and I am delighted with the team, with the project, with the new infrastructure we have, and staying was always my first choice. The most important thing is that my family and I are comfortable,” he says in a wide-ranging interview in GQ.
Storyline: Rudy Fernandez NBA return?
“They measured us a week and a half ago and they said I was 6-11, which I don’t want to be,” Davis said in a visit with the Black Blue Report, while laughing good-naturedly. “I think 6-10 is the perfect height for me. Six-ten sounds perfect to me. I’m technically 6-11, but I’m (going to say I’m) 6-10. I will always tell everybody 6-10, I don’t care if I’m (really) 7-3. Scientifically, I’m 6-11. I grew an inch. Maybe it’s the (extra height of my) hair, I don’t know.”
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In addition to his slight height increase, Davis feels stronger after the work he put in this summer, in several different areas of his body. He now weighs 250 pounds; he’d like to stay between 247 and 250 during the season. “Last year, I played at 243 or 245,” Davis said. “Right now, I’m 250. I’ve got see how I feel playing at that weight… I’ll test it out in preseason and see. “Being able to work with some of our guys and correcting everything I do (helped). From shoulders to ankles, I didn’t do a lot of it last (offseason). Now my ankles and hips, glutes, shoulders are a lot stronger. Everything is stronger.”