John Wall a sneaker free agent

Wall will be an unrestricted sneaker free agent this summer, after the season concludes. The adidas “match clause” will have expired, and Wall will be free to sign with any brand of his liking. Unsurprisingly, Wall has been spotted literally never in adidas off-court this fall, even wearing Retro Jordans from time to time, and practicing in Kobe Xs. Tonight, for the first time, he wore the Nike Kobe X on court in a game, apparently citing “footwear issues” with his JWall 2 signature shoe. “My main focus is just play basketball,” Wall said when asked by the Washington Post after shoot-around earlier this month. “I let my agents and marketing team and them negotiate and talk.”

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February 13, 2016 | 5:42 am EST Update
But he was also asked a new one: If he doesn’t give the Thunder an assurance that he’ll be back, is he at all worried that OKC will trade him before next Thursday’s deadline? “I never thought about that at all,” Durant said. “I don’t know, man. I don’t want to be moved. I want to finish this thing out with my team. I think we got a really good thing going right now, so I haven’t really thought about it.”
In Toronto with ESPN Radio, Kevin Durant addressed the possibility of signing a short-term contract this summer to, in essence, delay his free agency one year and put himself on the same track with teammate Russell Westbrook. “Actually that’s probably one of the first times I’ve heard that one, but, no , I haven’t really thought about it, man. I’m just, with [coming back from] injury and just getting back to playing again, I haven’t thought about contracts or free agency or none of that stuff at all. … I really haven’t thought about that one. I guess I have to.”
Storyline: Kevin Durant Free Agency
In an interview with USA Today, Warriors forward Draymond Green said that while he’ll talk to Durant plenty this weekend, he doesn’t plan to pitch him on joining the Warriors. “He’s third in the West right now with an incredible record,” Green said. “It obviously (flies) under the radar because we’ve lost four and San Antonio has lost eight. But I think they’re like 40-14 or something like that, that’s an incredible record. So he’s not trying to recruit us, and we’re not trying to recruit him.
“I’ve been surprised,” Durant said. “First of all, I’m not as known around the world as LeBron James is. I’m sure normal people who don’t even watch the game of basketball would ask him about his free agency, whereas for me he started it off with being the first guy and one of the big free agents. Now it’s kind of like, ‘all right, with me all right let’s move on.’ “So it feels like it’s a little easier for me because he took all the lumps and the bruises for us all. So it’s a little easier for me. But being in Oklahoma City, man, we don’t have a lot of people that come cover us. But when we got to New York and L.A. I hear a few questions here and there. But for the most part, it’s been quiet and it’s definitely been easier that way.”
Which one is your favorite city: your hometown of Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic; where you attended high school in Grand Ledge, Michigan; college town of Gainesville, Florida or Atlanta? Al Horford: Oh, my. Well, let’s see … Each and every one of those cities possess that emotional value for me, but I would have to say Atlanta is where I have been the longest in my life until now and where I achieved my dream (of playing in the NBA).
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