John Wall a sneaker free agent

Wall will be an unrestricted sneaker free agent this summer, after the season concludes. The adidas “match clause” will have expired, and Wall will be free to sign with any brand of his liking. Unsurprisingly, Wall has been spotted literally never in adidas off-court this fall, even wearing Retro Jordans from time to time, and practicing in Kobe Xs. Tonight, for the first time, he wore the Nike Kobe X on court in a game, apparently citing “footwear issues” with his JWall 2 signature shoe. “My main focus is just play basketball,” Wall said when asked by the Washington Post after shoot-around earlier this month. “I let my agents and marketing team and them negotiate and talk.”

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August 24, 2016 | 8:55 am EDT Update
There is no deadline, just like there was no timetable that dictated that Bosh would suffer a blood clot at midseason each of the past two seasons. But that doesn’t mean the clock isn’t running for a player whose last competitive action was Feb. 9. At this stage of the offseason, most players are working their way toward game shape. Players no longer use training camp to get into shape (which proved to be an issue with Goran Dragic last season after his inactive summer). Now they arrive ready to go, and, in the Heat’s case, ready to pass the team’s conditioning test. That, by itself, would create issues, if the rest of the team already is up to speed at the start of camp. What would be welcome would be a sign of Bosh returning to vigorous workouts, perhaps even on Snapchat or Instagram. As for Spoelstra having to develop dual game plans, that’s what coaches have to do anyway, prepare for each and every eventuality.
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Colangelo on Sirius XM Radio: “I did have an official when I was on the court after the gold medal award… And this individual who was up there said said, ‘You know, they can’t compete with you, maybe next time you should only use four players’. I bit my tongue and didn’t say anything. We would like to say that we’re good winners and we’re not sore losers. But the point is, we’re not losing. That’s our intent. I’ll just encourage everyone to do as good a job as they can because that’s for sure what we’re going to do.”

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