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October 25, 2016 | 12:25 pm EDT Update
“That’s one thing I actually didn’t understand, coming in here, everything was going to be taken and used as the headline,” Durant said. “So, it’s definitely a learning experience for me. Not used to all this coverage around the team and everything we do being broadcasted. But that’s just part of the job. That’s why we get paid the way we do and why we are who we are as players. … All that should matter is how we play on the court, but we know the nature of the beast.”
“I’m going to always be me,” Green told The Vertical. “I’m always fine with what my role is on this team. And everybody may not like that role, but at the end of the day, I think, that helps win. I’m all about winning. That’s what I’ve always been about my entire life. And that’s what I continue to be about. You don’t really expect everybody to understand that. I know everybody won’t understand, but that’s not really my job to help them understand that.”
The wait has come to an end, as the Warriors open a highly anticipated season Tuesday against the San Antonio Spurs. Although the Warriors have won an unprecedented 140 games the past two seasons and will be a prohibitive favorite to capture the title, general manager Bob Myers believes the organization has plenty more to prove after coming up short in an otherwise fairy-tale season. “Although we get a lot of notoriety, we are not a dynasty,” Myers told The Vertical. “We did not win five championships. We won one. I think that sometimes people assume that we have this air of success; we really don’t. We’ve had two good years and one championship. So we’re reminding ourselves, we haven’t figured anything out.”
Kerr has laughed off any suggestions that his players have suddenly become bad guys in the same way Myers is dismissive of any rush to anoint Golden State after it responded to failure with the ultimate consolation prize. “Part of being successful is feeling like you never made it,” Myers told The Vertical. “Look at the [New England] Patriots. Look at the Spurs. I don’t think they walk around like their work is done. There is always work to do. There’s always things to learn. There’s always new challenges. … Some organizations can make that statement. They have had great success. The Spurs are an example of that. We are not in their category. Maybe one day we will be, but we’re not now. And so, realizing that, being honest about that, and knowing we have a lot of work to do and hopefully, we can continue to compete. That’s the challenge – being able to continue to compete for championships.”
FOX Sports Southeast Senior Vice President and General Manager Jeff Genthner and Memphis Grizzlies President of Business Operations Jason Wexler today announced a new long-term television rights agreement. The new agreement goes into effect with the 2017-18 NBA season. Financial terms were not disclosed. Under the new agreement, FOX Sports Southeast will remain the exclusive regional television partner of the Grizzlies and will produce all locally-available regular season games not exclusively selected by a national network. Additionally, the network will televise three preseason games annually and all non-exclusive first round playoff games.