Josh Smith calls Hawks fans 'bandwagoners'

The interplay between Smith and the Philips Arena crowd was lively throughout the night. Smith, an Atlanta native who played his first nine NBA seasons with the Hawks, was booed loudly whenever he touched the ball. The catcalls grew louder in the third quarter, after Smith drained a 3-pointer that rattled around the rim several times before dropping in. Smith then shushed the crowd by placing his finger over his lips as the Hawks called timeout. “I mean, those fans are fickle, very fickle and bandwagoners,” Smith said. “It really doesn’t mean anything to me.”

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November 27, 2015 | 10:08 am EST Update
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For a long time, basketball separated the family, with the brothers scattered around Europe in pursuit. Now it is bringing them together in New York. The brothers, including the middle one, Martins, speak fluent English, so the transition should be easy. The father, Talis, a former bus driver in Latvia, is eager to learn the language, but his wife Ingrida is stubborn about these things. “Mom doesn’t want to learn,” Kristaps said. “She lived in Spain for a year without knowing the language. She still found a way to live there.”

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