Kevin Love at least a month away from returning

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November 25, 2015 | 4:03 pm EST Update
Garnett is known more for trash-talking than helping out opponents, but he stopped Porzingis. “You hear the boos and KG gave me great advice,’’ Porzingis said at the Knicks’ morning shootaround in Orlando’s Amway Center. “He came up to me in the summer league and (said): ‘Use that as motivation. Just let that drive you every day when you step on the floor.’ That’s what I’m trying to do. I don’t focus on it. It’s not the only thing that drives me and it still sits inside me. I just want to prove those fans wrong, prove I could be a good player.’’
T.J. McConnell does a great job of finding teammates. So much so the 76ers point guard rarely looks for his own shot driving the lane. That’s a major reason why he hasn’t attempted a single foul shot this season. If you’re counting, he’s gone 15 games and 429 minutes without going to the foul line. “To not get to the free foul line is not a concern,” McConnell said Wednesday morning. “It’s weird that it hasn’t happened. I’m not going to in there to throw up some crap shot just to go to the line. “I’m just trying to get people the ball and if it happens, it happens.” A pass-first player, McConnell has only attempts five field goal attempts per game. He averages 6.9 points and 6.5 assists.
The minor Tuesday night skirmish between Mason Plumlee and Jimmy Butler has gone from heated to silly in a hurry. After the Chicago Bulls defeated the Trail Blazers 93-88, Butler told reporters in the visiting locker room at the Moda Center that he was not happy about receiving a technical foul — and the accompanying $2,500 fine — and planned to ask Plumlee to cover the cost. “He cost me $2,500,” Butler told reporters. “I’m not happy about that. I’m going to ask him to pay me back — and I’m not playing.” The incident came with 4:17 left in a competitive game. During a Bulls offensive possession, Butler stepped near the free throw line to set a screen. Plumlee, who was charging in Butler’s direction, plowed through the screen and knocked Butler to the court.
November 25, 2015 | 2:46 pm EST Update

Jabari Parker hires new agent

The person who conducted Glenn Robinson’s negotiations was Dr. Charles Tucker. Now, 21 years later, Tucker will again be representing another high-profile Bucks player: Jabari Parker. Parker was the second overall selection in the 2014 draft and is regarded as one of the game’s up-and-coming stars. “I feel good about my decision,’’ said Parker, who had been represented by the Wasserman Media Group. “When it comes to Dr. Tucker. I have someone who fully supports me and will always be there for me.
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“Kevin had this belief that if you were the leader, you couldn’t miss one snap of practice,” says Doc Rivers, who coached Garnett in Boston from 2007 to 2013. “But I had this belief that you are 30-whatever and I need you for the whole season.” And so in February 2009 the coach sat down his future Hall of Famer. Not to skip a game. Rivers just wanted him to miss a practice. “Coach, you don’t understand,” Garnett seethed. “If I’m sitting, they will see weakness.”

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