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February 22, 2017 | 7:53 am EST Update

Cavs looking at Larry Sanders?

The Cavaliers have been talking with the agent for free agent center Larry Sanders, league sources told Amico Hoops early Wednesday. Sanders is 6-foot-11 and last played with Milwaukee during the 2014-15 season. He is represented by Joel Bell. Sources said there is no deal yet between the Cavs and Sanders, but Sanders has made it known he would prefer to play for the Cavs over the other teams showing interest. More than 15 teams have explored signing Sanders so far this season, sources said. The Cavs want to take a good look at Sanders and likely intend to have him conduct a workout.
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Every single executive that spoke to HoopsHype pointed out that the biggest misconception is that completing a trade is as simple as one general manager calling another general manager. That is sometimes the case, but teams have a lot of people working on most moves. The general manager has help from the assistant GM, consultants, capologists, analytics experts, scouts and sometimes coaches. Ownership may also get involved, depending on the organization (and the significance of the deal). While the GM does wield a lot of power and is the figurehead for the front office, the other staffers are very important as well.
Several general managers noted that there are some organizations that leak talks to the media almost immediately, so they will forgo discussing players with those teams unless it’s absolutely necessary. That means your favorite team may have missed out on moves just because they can’t keep quiet. Certain agents also have a reputation for leaking things, so they’re left in the dark when discussions involving their players are taking place.
The main reason executives are bothered by Twitter is that it has made it harder and harder for players to ignore the constant barrage of rumors. Back in the day, they could remove themselves from the rumors by turning off the television or not reading the newspaper. Now, players (as well as their families and friends) may see their name mentioned in a report when they pick up their phone or tablet. One GM said that social media has led to way more questions from players, agents and coaches about what conversations are actually taking place and which rumors are true.