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May 27, 2016 | 5:54 pm EDT Update
The retired baller and local community philanthropist could be doing a million other things in the post-playing career phase of his life, but he spends his time coaching the East High Mustangs in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Hardaway’s journey began with a promise he made to longtime friend Desmond Merriweather, known to many as “Dez.” Merriweather was a highly successful coach at Lester Middle School in Memphis when he reached out to Hardaway to help coach the team. The two led the Lester basketball program to three state championships.
But away from the roar of fans and the glare of cameras, another battle involving the basketball team is brewing in a probate courtroom in its home city. At stake is a roughly 20 percent interest in the Thunder held by Aubrey McClendon, the indebted Oklahoma energy magnate who died in a car crash on March 2. Some of McClendon’s creditors want a say over how the stake will be disposed of by his estate, viewing the basketball team as one of his few assets of value, according to a copy of a transcript from a May 13 hearing in probate court. The lenders want the stake to be sold for top dollar but fear it will be sold for less than that to McClendon’s wife, Kathleen, because she is family, said a lawyer representing a syndicate of banks led by Wilmington Trust that loaned $465 million to a company McClendon founded in 2013, American Energy Partners LP (AEP).
May 27, 2016 | 4:23 pm EDT Update
Batum’s agent had previously indicated that his client, a free agent who just had a terrific first season with the Charlotte Hornets, would be in the United States resolving his NBA future and that the paperwork would not be finalized in time for him to play. However, it is understood that the French player and the Hornets will quickly agree terms on a new deal and that could could give France enough time to obtain insurance for Batum and allow him to take part in some of the OQT games.
Storyline: Nicolas Batum Free Agency
Cavs big man Tristan Thompson called it the “most important game of the season,” but the reality is that they’ll have another chance at home if they lose. Surely there must be some part of them that knows this game is not essential, right? “No, [expletive] no,” Cleveland forward Richard Jefferson said. “[Expletive] no. Not a chance. Not a chance. No. We want to win every game. We’ve been trying to win every road game. This series is the first road games we’ve lost. You gotta be greedy in the playoffs. That’s something that I’ve learned in 15 years. Don’t [think], ‘Oh, we have home court.’ Be greedy. If you’re not greedy, it’s going to come back and bite you in your tail.

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