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As the Rockets search for ways to change, there is a belief that Lawson could be the first Rocket player moved. But given how poorly Lawson has played in Houston and his troublesome off-the-court history, it’s hard to imagine that Lawson alone is going to yield much in return. But as teams start to get desperate, Lawson does have a career assist average of more than 6.5 assists per game and averaged 9.6 per game last season for the Nuggets. Lawson’s salary could return an asset or two and given the rut the Rockets find themselves in, they seem to be a bit more motivated to deal than normal.
In The Oregonian this summer, you said you were “pissed off” that they didn’t try to keep you. Was that heat of the moment or do you still feel that way about the Portland front office? “I’m still upset that everything that I’ve done individually, everything I’ve done as a player didn’t warrant me having a separate conversation not tied to LaMarcus Aldridge. L.A. is my boy and everything, but I still feel like I did enough myself as a player to warrant a conversation or, ‘We’re going to go in this direction,’ that kind of thing.”
Would you have wanted to stay without Aldridge? “I don’t know. A lot of things would have changed and been different if there would have actually been a conversation, but I don’t know. I can’t say I would, I can’t say I wouldn’t. But that’s neither here nor there right now.” Do you expect a warm reception at the Moda Center? “I don’t see why not. I’ve given the fans everything I had every single night, and I feel like they gave that back to me. I’m excited to go there, to play there, to be on the court, to be standing. My last memory there was on my back.”

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