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August 27, 2016 | 10:02 am EDT Update
The latest turning point for Jody occurred during a road trip covering the Jazz last season. “I had the experience of what it’s like being the fat guy on an airplane,” he said. “I could tell the guy sitting next to me wasn’t thrilled, my gut spilling over onto him. I was miserable and it turned out it was a parallel to my life. “I was looking at 374 pounds at 45 years old. I was playing Russian roulette with my health. I got four kids, a wife… something had to change.”
August 27, 2016 | 6:25 am EDT Update
Did Durant deceive the Thunder in any way? Donovan, via Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports: I think Kevin on the front end was very, very honest. When the season ended, he was going to go through this process, and he was going to take a meeting with us obviously first and then he was going to have some other teams he was going to meet with. And I think a little bit later on, after the season ended, they decided to do it out in the Hamptons. But I thought the meeting that we had went very well. I think we talked about basketball. We talked about our team. We talked about direction, talked about obviously his leadership, his role – all those kind of things. And I think, leaving the meeting, it was very, very, I thought, positive. I thought it was very, very clear. I think there was direction on both sides.
Storyline: Kevin Durant Free Agency
And the one thing I think with Kevin was that going through nine years with the organization, he was at a point in time where he was allowed obviously to be this free agent and go through this process and start to gather some information. We were the first meeting. So, obviously, I think, being in college for so long and you go through recruiting, you know that during that process things can change through some of these different meetings. And obviously, after meeting with Golden State, things probably in his mind probably changed.
Appearing on the “Jim Rome Show” on CBS Sports Radio, Bryant said that he is happy for Durant and that it is the type of offseason move that would bring out his competitive edge. “I was happy for him. This is something that he wants to do man, he’s happy with his decision,” Bryant told Rome about Durant. “So as a competitor you have to look at that and say ok, how can I figure out, I have to figure out to take apart that team, and so now the challenge becomes how to find cracks within their system within their personnel, how can I take them down.”

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