Michael Malone closer to Denver?

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October 21, 2017 | 10:03 pm EDT Update
“With myself, Tristan, Jeff and whoever else comes off the bench — I mean Kyle, obviously, shooting the s— out of the ball tonight — our bench is tremendous,” Smith continued. “We got a lot of starters that come off the bench on our team. That’s extremely valuable for us. I mean … in the Finals, I think that’s how Golden State’s bench scoring was. And then when I.T., however we decide to shake it up, the bench is only going to be stronger. So, it definitely helps us.”
28 mins ago via ESPN
“I think with the guys we have and how much depth we have this season, our bench can be a major strength of ours,” Thompson said after the Bucks game. “You see, even tonight, we came in different waves at them. I think that’s what makes our team very dangerous, we come in different waves. And the fact that our second unit has players that are starters on a lot of other teams – on most teams – it’s a great luxury to have.”
28 mins ago via ESPN
October 21, 2017 | 8:26 pm EDT Update
The Sixers may decide to continue playing Fultz if they feel he’s helping the team and the shoulder doesn’t get worse. Or they could decide to sit him after accepting the fact that the 19-year-old is hindered by the injury and will struggle until the shoulder gets better. As of this weekend, there hasn’t been any consideration given to sitting Fultz. “It’s not to the point where it’s affecting other parts of his game,” coach Brett Brown said.
Storyline: Markelle Fultz Injury