Nick Young at odds with Byron Scott

Lakers coach Byron Scott reiterated Saturday that Young needs to return with a more balanced game, one that includes passing and defense to supplement his high-volume shooting. With Young averaging 13.4 points per game this season on a career-low 36.6-percent shooting, Scott also threatened to reduce his minutes if the Lakers upgrade their roster this summer. “I’m used to it right now, hearing what Byron has to say,” said Young, who is in the first season of a four-year deal worth $21.5 million “I take it with a grain of salt.”

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October 10, 2015 | 2:32 pm EDT Update
Kevin Seraphin’s first chance to show something to his former Wizards coach, Randy Wittman, was put on hold. Seraphin missed the Knicks’ 115-104 win over the Wizards at Verizon Center with a swollen right knee — the same knee he had scoped two years ago. Seraphin was none too pleased coach Derek Fisher decided to be cautious and sit him because of how much he looked forward to facing Wittman’s team. “I’ve been waiting for this since I signed,’’ Seraphin said in the visitor’s locker room at Verizon Center, “I talked to Fisher and told him I kind of mad. He told me it’s preseason. If I play tonight you’ll be out tomorrow. He was like: ‘Take your time. We’ll see them in a couple of weeks [Oct. 31].’
Seraphin also seemed to get a rise over Wittman’s comment Friday night about his Washington playing time. Seraphin told The Post during training camp he needed a change because of inconsistent minutes in five seasons with the Wizards. “Listen, the players dictate who plays and what minutes they get,’’ Wittman said. “I’m not going to get into inconsistent minutes or not. He played. I wish him luck.’’ Seraphin’s eyes got bit large when told of Wittman’s remark and paused for several seconds. “He said players dictate playing time?’’ Seraphin asked. “I don’t really agree there. What can I say. I was doing pretty much everything right, working hard. I’m not mad at all. That’s the business. He has the right to play me at the end of the day. … I don’t think he didn’t want to play me.’’
October 10, 2015 | 12:50 pm EDT Update
October 10, 2015 | 11:46 am EDT Update
The young point guard and the sharp-shooting veteran had several conversations throughout the year about working out together this offseason. Schroder wanted to improve his jump shot and who better to seek his tutelage? So this summer, Schroder visited Korver in Santa Barbara, Calif. for nearly two weeks of instruction and additional workouts at renowned performance facility P3. “We just worked on his mechanics to tighten a few things up,” Korver said. “Dennis has great natural talent and ability. His release is really good. We can all get better. We worked on his feet and his legs a little bit, maybe things we don’t always think about.
The Knicks have been quick to point out that Porzingis is probably a couple of years away from being a key contributor. In the meantime, they’re bulking him up to be able to bang with NBA big men. How do you add mass to a Latvian giant? By aiming to load him with close to 5,000 calories a day—more than twice the recommended daily amount for the average person. In the past two and a half months, Porzingis has put on about 11 pounds, bringing up him to 237 at the start of the preseason.
Instead of climbing walls at the Bucks’ practice facility south of Milwaukee, though, Parker just stood against one and outlined his vision with a thousand game stare. “I’m looking long-term,” said the product of Chicago’s Simeon High and Duke University, the No. 2 pick in the 2014 Draft. “I really don’t want to risk coming back and lingering on if I’m not ready. I just want to be as productive as possible. There’s no use in me playing if I can’t contribute the way I want to.”
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In a video interview for the magazine’s website intended for James to disclose and show off the most prized possession in his closet, James also told the two GQ Style editors hosting the segment that he owned a Harley Davidson, a Can-Am Spider, and a helmet. During the interview, one of the editors, Will Welch, asked James “what’s the team think about your bikes?” “Oh, man. They’re like, “What are you doing?” I’m like, “What you think I’m doing? I’m getting a breath of fresh air,” James responded. “I’ve got one life with this, man. So, that’s what I’m doing.”
Former Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel “Boobie” Gibson said Friday that he has no problem with what Barnes did because he would have done the same thing. “You don’t want nobody that’s been around you’’ dating your former girlfriend or wife, Gibson told Power 105.1 radio. “You crossing the line’’ by dating them. Asked what he would do if he was in a similar situation, he said, “I’m doing it, too,’’ referring to the attack.
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October 10, 2015 | 6:08 am EDT Update

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